Zonelock Games

Quick facts

  • A small software studio
  • Created Mahjong Exchange
  • Games distributed through SoftGaming’s platform

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Zonelock Games is a small casino software development company that created the world-popular Mahjong Exchange game available through SoftGamings’ platform.

Pros :

  • Creates unusual casino games
  • Games accessible from various devices
  • Licensed software

Cons :

  • No corporate website
  • Only two games offered

About Zonelock Games

Zonelock Games is a small casino software design and development studio that is relatively unknown to a broad audience mainly because they do not have a corporate website. However, that does not mean they are doing anything shady. On the contrary, they have established a distribution partnership with SoftGamings, whose platform is now responsible for the distribution of the entire Zonelock Games’ game library.

Although they have developed only a handful of games so far, they have managed to license and verify them via their distribution partner networks, like SoftGamings, so the players can rest assured knowing the games are fair and safe to play.

Zonelock Games are based in the Isle of Man — a well-known gambling hub, which means they are also registered under the Isle of Man gaming laws.

Zonelock Games have also teamed up with Ingenuity Games and chose Ingenuity Games as their game development partners, which will hopefully result in more titles being released in the upcoming months and years.

Zonelock Games Software

So far, only two games have been released by Zonelock. First, and the most popular one, is Mahjong Exchange. It is based on a traditional Chinese game Mahjong where players match different tiles to form a legal hand. Zonelock took this traditional game and gave it a little twist. In Mahjong Exchange, the ‘exchange’ part allows players to exchange the randomly selected secret tile for another one located face-down in the array, which gives players more control but does not affect the odds. The game has the 97.06% RTP, which means players can expect to win some hefty rewards on a regular basis.

The other game Zonelock created is Royal Realms, released in 2016. The game belongs to a group of classic video slots and has 5 reels and multiple playing features, such as free spins, and other exciting features, such as a jackpot bonus game.

Integrating Zonelock Games into your online casino via SoftGamings’ API platform is the fastest way to bring some gaming diversity in your offer and ensure future Zonelock titles are made available to your customers as soon as they are released.