Cryptocurrency payment solution

SoftGamings cryptocurrency payment solution is a modern, convenient and effective payment solution that is used in numerous online casinos all over the world. By adding cryptocurrencies to your system, you will upgrade your casino to correspond to the latest industry trends and attract more players as a result.

Key Features

  • iGaming / online gambling projects accepted
  • Fully secure – only you hold the keys to the wallets, we do not have access to your cryptocurrency
  • Fast and easy integration, easy to use API
  • Most popular cryptocurrencies supported: Bitcoin & clones, Litecoin, Ethereum & clones, and more per request
  • Instant account opening without lengthy “Know Your Customer”(KYC) procedures
  • Probably the lowest rates on the market

Supported Blockchains

Supported Currencies

Why integrate through SoftGamings?

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Competitive commercial offer
  • All cryptocurrencies supported:
    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc
  • 24/7 support

SoftGamings cryptocurrency payment method is available for integration separately, or within the framework of our platform solutions.

Advantages of using cryptocurrencies in your casino:

  • Set your players free from spending too much on financial transactions
  • Can be quickly received by you, since there are no intermediaries

There are so many advantages of cryptocurrencies for casino operators that we have prepared a whole article about it. If you are interested, you can read What future awaits cryptocurrency in Igaming industry.

Our experts are ready to discuss the SoftGamings cryptocurrency solution with you and offer flexible cooperation terms. Drop us a line to discuss.