How to buy casino software: costs and functionalities (2018 update)

If you want your online casino to prosper, you need good software, which includes a strong platform and exciting games. Different platforms include different functionalities, while the best games are provided by recognised providers. It is great if you have an impressive budget which lets your wildest casino dreams come true, but what if you have to choose between the cost and the quality? This article will help you understand what is what and how to spend less.

buy casino software

What to keep in mind

Before buying casino software it is worth comparing options offered by different companies. Get in touch with the managers of these companies to find out all the details.

If not doing so, you risk buying not what you need. Possibly, your casino will lack parameters that are important for you. Given this and also safety reasons, it is not recommendable buying a script from unknown individuals on the Internet.

You will also understand whether the company you have turned to is responsible or not. In good companies you will get answers to all your questions, give recommendations which will not only help you in choosing the right software, but also obtaining a licence and a bank account. If you discuss all the details, you may be offered a ready-made solution or a customised individual solution.

Important characteristics

When you choose to buy casino software you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Games

    The number of games and their quality are the same important as the possibility to add new titles. The more games you have, the more diverse they are, the more players can be interested. For instance, there are players who prefer video slots, and there are fans of retro games or specific themes. Quality slots with good graphics are made by famous providers: NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft etc. The best Live dealer solution is Evolution Gaming.

  • Backoffice settings

    The opportunity to set backoffice to your own convenience is important. Comfortable managing of your casino lets you focus on the promotion of the business.

  • Software novelty

    Software should be of the latest or one of the latest versions and be updated regularly. It should not contain bugs.

    Moreover, it should be in line with the latest industry tendencies. For instance, good software will be adapted to desktop, tablet and smartphone. Researches show that more players prefer playing casino games from their phones. One of the world’s leading slot providers, NetEnt, mentions in its 2016 annual report: 43% of the revenue comes from mobile gaming.

    Another tendency is the possibility for a client to authorize through a social network. It is fast, since he or she does not need to register in the casino.

  • Safety

    A casino should have good security system. You can judge about the reliability of software based on positive reviews on the internet, expert opinions. A casino should not be easy to hack. It should also have an antivirus system.

  • Payment system

    A complete online casino solution can have a built-in payment system. Support of cryptocurrencies is also an advantage, since it is a popular and promising payment method.

  • Affiliate program

    One of the main tasks of a casino operator is the promotion of the business. If software includes the affiliate program it is a plus. You will have an opportunity to use affiliates to promote your casino.

  • Bonus and loyalty system

    It is also an important tool for player attraction and retention. Not to reinvent the wheel, you can use a ready-made bonus and loyalty system. You will get many promotions and bonuses and the system of accruing points for loyal clients.

  • Game stats

    It will be available for you to follow player activity. You will be able to see the history of bets, time and dates of games, bets, wins, losses etc.

  • Financial stats

    You will be able to control payments, payouts, know time and methods of payments.

  • Mailing system

    If a casino has a thought-over mailing system, you can inform your players about new games and promos easily.

  • Opportunity to add new functions

    Along with the growth of your business, you may need new functions, so it is convenient if there is a possibility to add them.
    This is not a complete list of what an online casino software may include. Each software may be different from the rest.

Online casino software price. 2018 update

Building your own casino from scratch can be done in several ways. To give you an example, SoftGamings offers 4 platform solutions – a turnkey, White label, self-service or bitcoin casino. All of these options have their own distinctive features that impact the online casino software price.

A turnkey project is a fully-featured casino with unlimited customisation opportunities. You can add nearly any functionality or design he wants, which affects the price. This is the most costly casino, but it gives you the maximum potential success.

A White label casino lets you start you business quickly, using our ready-made templates, which doesn’t mean, however, that your casino will be a clone of some another. In a White label project, design variations are also possible. This solution is cost-efficient and the most popular one since it is easy to start the business and later on to develop it into a turnkey project.

SoftGamings self-service solution is a unique offer in the igaming industry. This solution lets your IT team develop your own casino making it fully-customisable, and you do it based on our provided scripts and support. This solution demands from you just a couple of IT experts, little time, since you control the process fully yourself, and a decent cost. If you have your own team, why to waste time on explaining your preferences to someone else?

Finally, a Bitcoin casino is a modern option which includes in-built cryptocurrency payment systems. It is a good way to attract players into your casino because there are not many ways to spend cryptocurrencies, so your players will be happy to do it in your casino. The project is a White label in its essence, so the cost is the same.

Okey, this is all good. But what about the exact online casino software price? Well, there cannot be a unanimous answer. Every online casino developer sets prices depending on what they can offer to a client, brand recognition, the time of development and other factors. You can only be sure that you don’t want to buy casino software for a hundred dollars, because it simply will not work. You can reckon on thousands of euros, not hundreds.

So, if you want to buy software for an online casino, contact online casino developers and let them give you the exact information. Professional consultants will help you understand all the details, give you a demo of the platform and help you take the right decision.

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