SoftGamings Advantages

SoftGamings is a foremost iGaming developer that provides cutting-edge products and services that set the pace for the gaming industry. And as a leading iGaming developer in the industry, we find it very essential to highlight the advantages that casino operators, as well as their players, enjoy from our world-class products and services. The advantages include:

Years of experience

SoftGamings began in 2007 as a small reseller and gradually grew into a large and successful iGaming developer. We are renowned for our top-notch, high-quality iGaming solutions. With a wide range of services and solutions for the iGaming market, SoftGamings remains a major competitor it the industry. Our 16+ year industry experience has equipped us with ample knowledge about building and growing successful online casino businesses across the globe.

Strong and comprehensive portfolio

Our vast portfolio is another huge advantage that will benefit your casino business. SoftGamings successfully handles 50 bn transactions/year and more. Join our 500+ satisfied casino operators to use engaging gaming content and high-quality products we provide from 250+ top gaming providers, and you can also add your players to the leagues of over 100m registered players currently enjoying this most varied gaming experience.

Cross-platform solutions

SoftGamings provides cross-platform solutions that are user-friendly. All of our solutions, from White Label casino software, Turnkey casino software, Self-Service casino, Bitcoin casino software, to casino software solution, are cross-platform. The solutions perform well on all platforms, be it, on mobile, iOS, PC or web. This essential feature avails casino players the opportunity to use all of our solutions without discrimination of any platform. With this unique benefit to both casino operators and their players, having the best gaming experience with SoftGamings’ solutions is guaranteed.

Unified API Integration

API is a set of IT methods with which gaming content is added to a specific casino environment. With our unified API Integration, that is, “Slot Bundle and Live Bundle”, you can integrate all providers’ games under a single package. Knowing fully well that integrating providers’ games separately could be very time-consuming – this is why we make several packages of products available via single API integration.

Fast and seamless setup

You can start your online casino from the very beginning with our fast and seamless setup. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, our professional team at SoftGamings have the practical knowledge cum experience to take care of the project in a prompt manner without any form of delay. SoftGamings’ accurate understanding of the importance of time when setting up online casinos will make you come aboard to serve your umpteenth players and start generating more revenue in record time. Within a month, you will get your casino fully functional and ready for use.

Free updates and recommendations

At SoftGamings, we make it a point of duty to improve our software constantly. Our priority is not only to provide casino operators with powerful management tools but also to offer their players engaging gaming content that engenders best gaming experience. Hence, you will get stepwise recommendations on how to scale and promote your casino into a profitable business that can outsmart the fierce competition in the gaming industry. All these are possible due to the effectiveness and efficiency of our Customer Success Department, active promotion and SEO team.

Gaming license

For you to successfully run a legal online casino business, you need a gaming license. We are glad to help you reduce the stress involved in the strict procedures of obtaining a gaming license. At SoftGamings, we offer clients two types of gaming license: Curacao gaming license and Malta gaming license. The Curacao license is a low-cost, one-for-all, most popular solution in the gambling world that covers any kind of gambling. While the Maltese license is the most prominent and reliable license in the gambling world that commands much respect in the gaming industry for whichever casino that operates with it.


The prices of our products are affordable and transparent. There are no hidden costs nor extra charges for products and services you get at SoftGamings. We prioritise building trust with our clients. At SoftGamings, we make transactions easy and convenient. Our payment methods also include cryptocurrency which is the promising modern way of transaction.

Cutting-edge technology and design

Innovation is the key to success when it comes to iGaming businesses. Our innovative and expert team believes so much in cutting-edge technology, and design and these are the backbones of our success as a world-class iGaming solution provider. Since the inception of SoftGamings, our professional developers are known for the implementation of world-class technologies while our designers are renowned for creating graphical, user-friendly and customisable website layout for our clients. SoftGamings does all these to give maximum satisfaction to casino operators as well as most varied gaming experience for players across the globe.

Round-the-clock customer support

SoftGamings provides round-the-clock support to clients. Our technical team is hardworking and professional at helping clients by providing answers and solutions to all their challenges. We prioritise our customers because we are here because of them. You can also engage our agents via Live Chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A heightened high level of security

An online casino business that involves dealing with money must be secured and safe. Our experts at SoftGamings are given to constant research on product development that will keep providing our clients with continuous powerful protection. With our high level of security measures, all your transactions with SoftGamings are kept safe and secured.