Triple Edge Studios

Quick facts

  • Established in 2018
  • Partnered with Microgaming
  • Produces slots that other software companies provide to casinos

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Triple Edge Studios is a company that produces exclusive gaming content for Microgaming in the form of slots with progressive jackpots and other features.

Pros :

  • Offers slots with a variety of features
  • Creators of slots from the Mega Moolah series
  • Multi-channel delivery system
  • Exciting themes

Cons :

  • Small gaming portfolio

About Triple Edge Studios

Triple Edge Studios is an independent global game studio that started its iGaming journey in February of 2018. That very year they got their breakthrough marked by their exclusive partnership with the industry’s giant Microgaming.

The collaboration was announced at the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming where it got a lot of media attention and coverage, and for good reason. One of their most famous slot games, Playboy Gold™ and Halloween, came as a direct result of that cooperation, and remain popular ever since their release in March of 2018.

The trend of providing games to other software companies that label them as their own and then offer them to online casinos is unusual in the industry but not unexpected. By producing content for Microgaming, Triple Edge Studios has managed to cement its position as an exceptional software production company developing high-quality slots that feature new themes not seen before.


Triple Edge Studios Software

Currently, Triple Edge Studios has a gaming portfolio that boasts over 15 different slot titles, with the most popular ones being Halloween, Book of OZ, Oink Country Love, 108 Heroes, and Playboy Gold.

All of these slot games seem to carry something special, like the engaging in-game mechanics that might come with a huge number of multipliers like in 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes, mega symbols, or “jumbo blocks”, as we can see in Playboy Gold and which cover the most of the playing grid to help players amass great wins.

Triple Edge Studios does not seem to be diverging too far from the traditional 5-reel design, but we can frequently see games with 6 reels and 243 paylines, and featuring other exciting gaming options. Triple Edge Studios also incorporates the Microgaming’s Hyperspins™ respin feature, where players get a chance to spin several reels separately for a price, which can lead to triggering bonus rounds and bigger wins.

Such games from Triple Edge Studios include Attack on Retro Hyperspins™, African Quest Hyperspins™, and others.