Quick facts

  • Sportsbook with all types of sports
  • 65+ sports
  • Multi Languages
  • Multi Currencies
  • 30,000 Live Events per month

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Digitain is a sportsbook and casino platform provider that brings their products to online, mobile, and land-based iGaming operators through technological flexibility and customer-centred behaviour.

Pros :

  • 3,000+ betting market
  • Customizable Interface
  • Multi currencies
  • 7,500 leagues worldwide
  • Available 24/7/365 service

Cons :

  • Hardly any

About the Software Provider

Digitain is a leading iGaming software provider. It is a company where brilliantly creative minds flourish and work together. This provider keeps growing every day with an unflinching commitment to fulfilling its mission and vision. Digitain is on a mission to provide optimal customized and localized technical solutions for their clients’ business requirements by applying state-of-the –art technologies within the iGaming supply chain.

With great core values such as; Client-orientation, Loyalty, Teamwork, Innovation and Flexibility, Digitain is geared closer towards creating a Digital Universe. This is the vision that flames its passion for providing innovation and optimal solution in the Gaming industry.

Digitain started out as far back as 1999 in Armenia. The iGaming software provider started as a National Lottery, then growing into a B2C Affiliate company and finally becoming a software, platform and Sportsbook solutions provider.

Digitain sportsbook at SoftGamings

History and Milestones

Digitain has had a long and turbulent history with a number of key moments we will present below:

  • 1999 — Digitain was founded in Armenia as a National Lottery and eventually grew into a leading B2C iGaming company;
  • 2004 — Digitain shifted the focus to creating casino software and sportsbook solutions;
  • 2019 — Digitain won BiG Africa Supershow Award;
  • 2019 — Digitain won Best Betting Product Of The Year Award at The RGW Awards;
  • 2019 — Digitain opened a new office in the UK;
  • 2020 — Digitain received a B2B licence from the Malta Gaming Authority;
  • 2020 — Digitain launched the world’s first Table Football betting markets.

Information About Management

Digitain is a privately held company led by a team of top-class managers, with Vardges Vardanyan at the helm as the company’s founder and CEO. The estimated revenue of Digitain is around $220 million.

Key Persons

  • Vardges Vardanyan, CEO
  • Peter Nolan, Strategic Consultant
  • Harutyun Vardanyan, COO


Digitain is a fast-growing software company whose casino and sportsbook solutions have already amassed a number of awards from iGaming experts and jurisdictions, such as:

  • 2019 — Strongest Competitor Award from Big Africa Supershow Awards;
  • 2019 — Best Betting Product Of The Year Award from the Russian Gaming Week;
  • 2019 — Skill Games Supplier Of the Year Award from EGR B2B Awards;
  • 2019 — Best Sports Betting Innovation Award from the CEEGC Awards;
  • 2019 — Sports Betting Supplier Of The Year Award from Starlet Awards;
  • 2019 — Fast Growing Online Platform Award from the BEGE Awards.

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Digitain Software

Digitain is not only the leading iGaming provider by mouth but also in delivery quality gaming software.

Digitain’s Sportsbook software caters for International, European, American and Asian Agent-based operators. It provides a comprehensive multi-lingual, multi-currency customizable interface that can easily integrate using Softgamings unified API with an existing platform, whether you are an online or mobile focused casino or operator.

Digitain software available through SoftGamings API

Digitain’s Sportsbook comes in with engaging content and odds:


The scoreboards display real-time match details using graphics and statistics. These are all available on each live Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Baseball and Hockey match and these you can integrate with our unified API at Softgamings.


The odds and match markets are calculated, compiled and monitored to ensured competitive odds for few new player acquisition, robust risk management and margin yield for casino operators Sportsbook.

All types of sports are covered in pre-match and over 30,000 Live Events per month. Digitain’s Sportsbook Pre-Match department offers odds on 65+ sports and events, 7,500 leagues worldwide and over 3,000 betting markets.

Also, the Planning Department is responsible for gathering live match information from in-stadia reporters and video coverage, with the Live Matches Calendar being updated at least a week before the games to support player marketing.

With the availability of a highly sophisticated algorithm, suitable upcoming matches are distributed in accordance with the skills of the traders for effectiveness.

Digitain sports at SoftGamings

Digitain API Integration

The clients of Softgamings don’t have to worry about getting updates from the latest offerings from Digitain Software Provider. Our team at Softgamings always update our operators on new games, services and products available for their online casino. We also provide analysis-based recommendations of promotions and bonuses available on games and products. By integrating Digitain on your online casino with our unified API, you will always be abreast of new releases and updates.

With our unified API at Softgamings, you can integrate the full suite of Digitain that includes Scoreboards, Sportsbook, and Virtual sports modules if you wish to increase product and revenue further. This saves considerable time in integrating, and it is also modular, frictionless and flexible enough to allow operators to create their own exclusive brand and design.

Conclusively, you will avail your players the opportunity to participate in any promotions and bonuses organized by Digitain, this will invariably attract more players and eventually generate more revenue for you.

Digitain Mobile Solution

Digitain is a software provider that offers a multi-channel, fully portable solution. In the mobile version, the provider offer a wide selection of HTML5 available casino games, live casino and its P2P games. Also, the mobile version of Digitain’s website provides an easy and fast navigation that supports almost the entire function of the website. This helps you bet pre-match and live games, follow your account activity, review your bets, place bets, payments options and etc.

Digitain Licensing

Digitain software provider holds certifications and licenses from several countries and this shows that its operations is within the international regulated markets. The following is where Digitain currently holds certifications and Licenses;

  • UK Certificates
  • Malta Certificates
  • Romania Certificates
  • Serbia Certificates

At Softgamings, we offer casino operators some other Sportsbook solutions from solution providers such as Betconstruct, Sbtech, and Betradar. These Sportsbook solution providers offer excellent services that will grow your gaming business.


The Sportsbook solution provider offers solution to over 16 countries and its services strictly adhere to industry regulations and standards. It features service such as:

  • 300+ odds markets
  • 30,000 Live Matches every month
  • 50+ sports


This a Sportsbook solution provider that has 10-year experience in the betting industry, and with 17 industry awards since 2014. It offers remarkable service such as:

  • 2,000+ betting markets
  • 20,000+ in-play matches monthly
  • 55+ sports


Betradar started providing services in 2001. It is a highly ranked betting software provider aimed at operating sports data and digital content. It features odds:

  • 80+ types of sports
  • 350+ operators worldwide

With our API service at Softgamings, you can integrate any Sportsbook solution from any of these Sportsbook solution providers. By contacting our professional specialists at Softgamings, it is certain that you will be guided on how you can make the right choice on Sportsbook solutions for your casino, as well as the free unique consultancy service and competitive offers you will get from us.

Digitain FAQ

In your quest to choose an online gaming solution provider, quite some things must be checked out and critically looked into to dispel existing doubts and to reaffirm the authenticity of the casino provider. Below are frequently asked questions about Digitain:

1. Who is Digitain?

Digitain is a leading iGaming software provider that provides Sportsbook software that caters to international, European, American, and Asian operators. The iGaming software provider started as far back as 1999 in Armenia. Digitain started as a National Lottery, then growing into a B2C Affiliate company and finally becoming a software, platform and Sportsbook solutions, provider.

2. Is this gaming provider licensed and regulated?

Due to Digitain’s commitment to trustworthiness, fairness, and responsible gaming, the gaming provider has pursued and obtained independent certifications and licensing in numerous iGaming markets. Digitain holds certifications and licenses from several countries including: UK Certificates, Malta Certificates, Romania Certificates, Serbia Certificates. With all these, Digitain has proven that its operations are within the international regulated markets, and players should be assured of getting the best from the gaming provider.

3. What types of services does Digitain offer?

Digitain’s Sportsbook software caters to International, European, American and Asian Agent-based operators. It provides comprehensive multi-lingual, multi-currency customizable interfaces that are compatible with online or mobile platforms. Digitain’s Sportsbook comes in with engaging content and odds. Digitain offers a multi-channel, fully portable solution with a wide selection of HTML5 showcasing casino games, live casino and its P2P games.

4. How versed is Digitain’s gaming portfolio?

Digitain has an extensive gaming portfolio. This features excellent content and odds which include Sportsbook with all types of sports, 65+ sports, 30,000 Lives Events per month, 3,000+ betting market., and 7,500 leagues worldwide. The scoreboards display real-time details using captivating graphics and statistics. All these innovative concepts are available on each Live Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Baseball, and Hockey match.

5. Why integrate Digitain through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration is well-packaged to seamlessly integrate the high-end products and solutions from Digitain on any casino. The expert team at SoftGamings are responsible for overseeing the daily requests of operators while the skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. The customer support is available and accessible round the clock, 24/7.