Quick facts

  • Plenty of live casino games featuring professional dealers
  • Adjustable studio scenography
  • Live keno games available

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TVBET is one of the leading live casino games providers in the world. It is now available for integration via our unified API platform.

Pros :

  • Professional dealers
  • Unique and innovative titles
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Groundbreaking user interface for live games

Cons :

  • Only live casino games available


TVBET (sometimes referred to as TVBET.TV) is one of the leading live dealer games providers in the world. The company features all kinds of live games that were created by the TVBET team and only available via this platform. Its mission is to develop cutting-edge live casino content for all available devices, including computers, smartphones, and even TVs. Using the latest technologies, TVBET is working hard on keeping its games up-to-date and adjusting them according to current trends.

History & Milestones

Even though TVBET had land-based outlets since 2006, the company was officially launched in 2016 for online players and managed to achieve quite a lot in a short period. Let’s take a look at some of the most important milestones.

  • 2006 — The company started operating land-based outlets;
  • 2016 — TVBET launched as a live casino company;
  • 2017 — The company hires dealers and starts their education;
  • 2018 — The company makes a debut at SAGSE Expo;
  • 2019 — TVBET takes part at ICE Totally Gaming London 2019;
  • 2019 — The company takes part in iGB Live! 2019 Amsterdam;
  • 2019 — TVBET visits ICE Africa 2019;
  • 2019 — The company visits iGB Affiliate Lisbon;
  • 2020 — Four games certified by GLI;
  • 2020 — The company visits ICE London 2020;
  • 2021 — TVBET goes live in Africa through Bitville Gaming;
  • 2022 — TVBET expands its presence in Poland.

Information About Management

TVBET is a privately held company that has 200+ employees. No revenue information is public. The current CEO of the company is Peter Korpusenko.

Key People

  • Peter Korpusenko — CEO at TVBET

TVBET Software

Fifteen unique titles come with live dealers: Backgammon, WheelBet, Poker, 21Bet, War Of Elements, 5Bet, 7Bet, Jokerbet, Keno, 1Bet, Teen Patti, Lucky6, FruitRace, Lobby. All of these titles are versions of bingo, keno, and similar lottery games with unique twists and set in a live casino environment. All games are easy to understand and play since they are using the cutting-edge user interface.

Software Features

What makes TVBET stand out from the crowd is the outstanding information overview in its live games. Players can use sophisticated software to switch between live games easily and make bets in just a couple of clicks. Moreover, each game comes with a menu where players can learn more about the rules and see results, betting history, and more.
Software platform: TVBET
Software technology: HTML5
Games: Live casino games
Mobile gaming: Yes
Software licensed: Yes
Game Features: jackpots, side bets, unique games

TVBET API Integration

Integrating live games by TVBET is an easy process that’s conducted via SoftGamings’ unified API integration platform. The company offers 15 unique live titles featuring professional and charming dealers.


Games by TVBET aim to bring a fresh and interesting take on existing live titles. Most of the games are based on popular casino titles, but with several unique twists and attractive features. Although there are fifteen titles at the moment (with many more coming soon), we’ll present three of them to give you a general idea about TVBET’s approach to game development.

War of Elements

War of Elements is an easy and fast-paced card game played between a player and a dealer, and it’s available round the clock. Both the player and the dealer get one card, and the winner is the one with a higher card. However, there are plenty of betting options that make this game more entertaining, as players can bet on colour, suit, value, final result, and much more.


WheelBet (or simply Wheel) is a live casino game inspired by Wheel of Fortune combined with the elements of American roulette. Essentially, instead of a standard roulette wheel, the live dealer spins a big wheel featuring numbers 1 – 36 and two zero fields.


21Bet is a form of blackjack that’s often played in Russia where it’s simply called Russian blackjack or Ochko. The rules are pretty similar to standard blackjack but with several exciting differences, such as a 36-card deck.


All games made by TVBET use cutting-edge technologies, including HTML5, to bring the live casino experience to all devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones, and more. Moreover, the company uses first-class equipment to provide the best possible audio/visual experience for live players.

Mobile Gaming

All live games by this provider are optimized to work on mobile devices, including Androids and iPhones.

Promotions and Bonuses

The company features several network jackpots that players can compete for playing the live games. The most popular ones are Local Jackpot and Network Mega Jackpot.


TVBET uses the latest security protocols to protect games and their players from possible cyberattacks.

Trust, Credibility & Fairness

Games by TVBET are evaluated and certified by Gaming Laboratories International, LLC, meaning they are safe, secure, and fair. In other words, you can trust TVBET.


TVBET has won several notable awards from leading authorities in the iGaming industry, such as:

  • Best Marketing Concept Program award at the BEGE Awards 2019;
  • Best Betting Product award at the Login Casino Awards 2019;
  • Best Developer of the Year award at the Login Casino Awards 2019;
  • Best Provider of Live Games award at the Login Casino Awards 2020.


What is TVBET?

TVBET is an online live casino provider and an official content distribution partner to SoftGamings.

What type of product does TVBET offer?

TVBET focuses on developing and providing innovative live dealer casino titles.

What are the most popular TVBET’s games?

The most popular games are Backgammon, Wheelbet, Poker, 21Bet, War Of Elements, 5Bet, 7Bet, Jokerbet, Keno, 1Bet, Teen Patti, Lucky6, FruitRace, Lobby.

Are TVBET’s games fair?

Yes, they are fair and certified by GLI.

Why should TVBET be integrated through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings offers a well-thought-out API platform that allows seamless integration of all our content partners, including TVBET. Moreover, SG has a team of experienced industry professionals who oversee daily operations and are always ready to assist our clients.