Twain Sport

Quick facts

  • 6,300 hybrid sports tournaments to bet on
  • Live betting available 14 hours a day
  • Wide range of betting markets

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Twain Sport is a provider of live sports betting content that brings unique hybrid sports tournaments with a variety of betting options.

Pros :

  • Match turnover every three minutes
  • Fully managed SaaS providing trading, gaming content, and data
  • Adjustable margins
  • Matches and bets provided by Sportradar
  • Mobile-first approach

Cons :

  • Only hybrid basketball available at the moment

About Twain Sport

Twain Sport is a special project brought to life by Hybrid Sports League and BetGames with the aim of revolutionising live sports betting. Namely, Twain Sport delivers unique live sports betting content to recreational bettors who can now place wagers on head-to-head hybrid sports tournaments.

In Twain Sport’s events, two professional athletes compete against each other on separate courts to score the most points in a 60-second action. Tournaments last for one hour and feature eight players battling in custom-built arenas to reach the finals. With 420 games per month, you get 6,300 matches you can bet on in the same timeframe.

The pre-match betting services are provided by BetGames, under an exclusive agreement between the company and Hybrid Sports League. Sportradar provides the odds, while its Universal Fraud Detection System ensures the integrity of betting and the sport itself.

History & Milestones

  • August 2022 — Twain Sport created by BetGames and Hybrid Sports League
  • August 2022 — Players from Rytas Vilnius basketball club compete head-to-head in 60 seconds of action to mark the product launch

Information About Management

Twain Sport is a privately held company created by BetGames and Hybrid Sports League. Šarūnas Mazalas, the chairman at Twain Sport, runs the entity.

Key Persons

  • Šarūnas Mazalas — Chairman of Twain Sport
  • Petras Kuneika — Content manager at Twain Sport

Twain Sport Software

Twain Sport offers a completely new live betting vertical through its hourly T-Basket tournament. It’s a content-rich product predominantly targeting younger crowds of casual bettors. With adjustable margins and risk-management tools in place, Twain Sport is quickly gaining traction in the industry.

For now, the only available game is T-Basket. However, T-Kick, a football-based game, is coming soon, with more titles to follow in 2023.

Twain Sport created a mobile-first product using the latest state-of-the-art technology that allows players to take their betting experience on the go.

The Hybrid Sports League establishes the rules of the game and ensures the Twain Sport tournaments comply with the rules and implement anti-match fixing protocols. Betting on Twain Sport tournaments is allowed in every jurisdiction that permits both sports and non-sports novelty wagering.

Software Features

Software platform: Twain Sport
Studio: Various
Browser play: Yes
Free play: Yes
Dealer Chat: Yes
Video quality: High
Mobile: Yes
US Friendly: NO

Twain Sport API Integration

Twain Sport’s exclusive broadcasting rights belong to BetGames, a casino software provider available for integration through SoftGamings’ single and unified API platform. As a result, operators can access not only Twain Sport competitions but also casino gaming content from 100+ providers that are available for integration.

The entire process happens quickly under the watchful eye of our IT experts, who can perform numerous customisation procedures in a matter of days.

Twain Sport products are compatible with multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and the interface is available in multiple languages, promoting a localised experience.


Currently, the only product by Twain Sport to go live is the T-Basket, a head-to-head basketball tournament in which professional athletes compete to score the most points in under 60 seconds. You will find them on the two half-courts with a basket and four basket racks on each side.

Players take the ball from the illuminated rack randomly selected by the computer. The sequence is the same for both sides. Each shot can be valued at 1, 2, or 3 points, depending on the computer’s choice. The value of the shots and the score is always visible to the user but not available to players until the game ends. Once the 60 seconds expire, players can take the last shot from the illuminated rack.

If the result is a tie, victory is determined based on better shooting accuracy. If that score is identical as well, then the better-ranked player takes the win.

There are over 100 different betting markets to explore for pre-game betting on T-basket, while live betting is not allowed. The markets are divided into outrights, match, and shot values bets, including match or group winner, total points, player to finish in the finals, and many more.


Twain Sport uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver its product, including HTML5, which makes it work seamlessly on all types of devices, regardless of their operating system.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is the focal point of Twain Sport’s campaign to deliver a new live betting vertical to iGaming. Thanks to the HTML5 framework powering T-Basket and other games, all users can bet on the action using their Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Promotions & Bonuses

While Twain Sport has not yet developed any proprietary promos and bonuses — they will certainly emerge in the future. However, if you want to design a special promotional campaign for your online casino, SoftGamings’ comprehensive Bonus System is what you need. Customisable loyalty levels, deposit bonuses, and a variety of other no-deposit and registration offers are at your disposal with over 100 different bonus parameters. Contact our team for more details.


Twain Sport’s events are supervised by the Hybrid Sports League according to the rules and guides from the Hybrid Sports Federation to ensure the safety and protection of players and bettors. The latest security encryption safeguards all transactions and personal information at all times, maintaining the integrity of Twain Sport’s events.

Trust/Credibility and Fairness

All matches and bets at Twain Sport are provided by Sportradar, a leader in providing odds and sports betting services. Sportradar employs a Universal Fraud Detection System to monitor the bets and occurrences within the games. Also, Twain Sport implemented another solution with several risk management layers that minimise the risk of match-fixing.

Provider location

Additional Information

  • Ežero g. 2B, Antežerių k., Vilniaus r. Lithuania LT-14158

Twain Sport FAQ

1. Who is Twain Sport?

Twain Sport is a provider of innovative games based on traditional sports such as basketball, where players compete against each other in head-to-head tournaments in high-intensity matchups. Through the cooperation between BetGames and Hybrid Sports League, bettors are given a new betting vertical with 6,300 monthly matches.

2. Is this gaming provider licensed and regulated?

Twain Sport is overseen by the Hybrid Sport Federation, which ensures the integrity of the games at all times. Also, BetGames, the exclusive betting provider on behalf of Twain Sport, is a UK Gambling Commission-licensed provider with an impeccable track record.

3. How well-versed is Twain Sport’s gaming portfolio?

Twain Sport’s gaming portfolio is rather limited at the moment. The only game available at the moment is T-Basket, with T-Kick coming up shortly in 2023, together with a couple of more titles.

4. Are Twain Sport’s games available 24/7?

Fifteen Twain Sport’s tournaments are held daily, over the course of 14 hours, totalling 6,300 matches monthly. The tournaments take place from 10:00 to 00:00 GMT+3 EE(S)T.

5. Why integrate Twain Sport through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration was designed for the seamless implementation of Twain Sport into any casino. The expert team at SoftGamings is responsible for overseeing operators' daily requests, while the skilled customer support specialists are always on call to resolve any potential issues and respond to all of your routine queries. Customer support is available 24/7.