edict – a leading Germany based Software Provider

Quick facts

  • Merkur slot games
  • First-class Game Design
  • Innovative Game Features
  • Smooth Graphics
  • All games are available as cash & fun games

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edict is a leading software provider for online casino operators. The company is a pioneer in the online gambling market in Germany, and it provides innovative and sustainable solutions for the global online gaming industry to enhance the best gaming experience for players.

Pros :

  • All games are available as browser games
  • Games are offered in Flash & HTML5
  • Innovative Game features
  • High-quality slot games
  • Free games

Cons :

  • It delivers more of Slot games than others

About the leading Software and Gaming Solution Provider

edict is a leading software provider in the gambling industry. The software provider offers innovative and sustainable gaming solutions for the global gaming market. edict eGaming has brought its long-standing expertise of the Gauselmann Group in the manufacturing of land-based slot machines into the world of online slot games.
edict eGaming is a full subsidiary of Merkur Interactive GmbH and a part of Gauselmann Group. The company was founded in 1998 as a software provider for high-quality online casinos. Since its establishment, the Germany based gaming provider has been developing customised products that are adaptable for each customer’s requirements and tastes. With 20+ years of remarkable experience of online casino slots, edict has become a reliable partner and specialist for topnotch, competitive online casino solutions. Moreover, all the gaming products delivered by edict are uniquely crafted based on an attractive Return-to-Player (RTP) strategy that increases the player lifetime value for online casino operators. edict eGaming offers Merkur slot machine games from the
Gauselmann Group, and this comes with first-class game designs and cutting-edge game features. Similarly, the gaming provider ensures constant testing of the randomly generated number, unmistakable mathematical gaming logic, and smooth graphics in crafting each unique games.

History and Milestones

Some of the more notable moments in edict egaming’s history are:

  • 1998 — edict egaming GmbH was founded;
  • 2002 — edict egaming produced land-based casino software for casinos in Wiesbaden and Hamburg;
  • 2008 — edict egaming GmbH was acquired by Merkur Interactive GmbH;
  • 2008 — edict egaming was licensed to provide online gaming solutions in Germany
  • 2011 — edict egaming launched the first online casino;
  • 2011 — edict egaming was licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission;
  • 2015 — edict released mobile versions of games;
  • 2015 — edict received a licence from the UK Gambling Commission;
  • 2016 — edict received a B2B licence (Class 4) from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Information About Management

edict egaming is a casino software development company that is a full subsidiary of Merkur Interactive GmbH — a part of the Gauselmann Group. It is led by CEO Dominic-Daniel Liénard.

Key Persons

  • Dominic-Daniel Liénard, CEO
  • Meike Heinrichs, Product Management
  • Olaf Schimpf, Lead Sales Manager


edict egaming hasn’t yet managed to win any important awards, but will undoubtedly win some in the future if they continue to develop top-notch casino solutions and software.

edict Software

The software provider offers unique cum reliable gaming solutions to online casino operators. All of the software is geared towards giving casino operators’ players the best gaming experience and also to generate much revenue for casino operators.

1. edict’s Slot Games

The gaming provider is the world’s exclusive supplier of Merkur slot machine games for the online gambling market. Most of the games are programmed with Flash and HTML5 for seamless enjoyment by players. The slots feature:

  • Innovative game ideas
  • Smooth Graphics
  • Thematic content
  • Unique gaming logic
  • The Merkur sun which symbolizes gaming and luck

edict offers a wide range of games which are widely popular in Europe and beyond. The gaming provider specifically makes its games to be:

  • Top-ranked game designs
  • All games available as browser games
  • All games as cash games and fun games
  • Unique mathematical gaming logic
  • Constantly tested random number generator

The different categories of games offered edict in its gaming portfolio include:

  • Slots
  • Table games & card games
  • Mobile games
  • Further Games

edict API Integration

With Softgamings unified API, you can integrate all the slot games offered by edict on your online casino for better players’ acquisition and retention. Our team at Softgamings will set up the games you require for you on your casino to ensure customers satisfaction and entertainment diversity. And with the increasing value attached to game quantity, you can stay ahead of it by providing more content and options of games for your players with our API packages at Softgamings. Explore the online gaming industry by delivering a functional and profitable online casino.

edict Licensing

Due to edict’s commitment to trustworthiness, fairness and responsible gaming, the gaming provider has obtained independent certifications and licensing in the iGaming markets. The software provider is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. More so, edict keeps pursuing ongoing licensing procedures in new jurisdictions.


The games delivered by edict come in these categories:

Slot games

edict offers Merkur slot machine games which feature a wide a range of games and innovative ideas. The Merkur slots are very well received in Europe and other countries of the world. Some of the games are:

Jolly’s Capi

Jolly Capi is a slot game with a magical theme that enchants players. It features:

  • 5 Reels
  • 10 Pay lines
  • Wild symbols
Jolly’s Capi

Blazing Star

Blazing Star

Blazing Star is a classic slot game. The fascinating 5-reel-fruit-game offers the chance of players winning up to 5,000 times bet per line. It features:

  • 5 Reels
  • 5 Pay lines
  • 5 Stars on a line


The game gives players the thrilling journey through South America’s tropical rainforest. You can explore the jungle as you fight your way to the hidden temple of treasure. It features:

  • 5 Reels
  • 15 Pay lines
  • Wild Symbols
  • Scatter symbols
  • Free Games
  • Multiple Wins

Cash Fruits plus

Cash Fruits plus

This is another captivating slot game that showcases tutti-frutti cocktail. In the game, wins are counted from left to right. The game features:

  • 5 Reels
  • 5 Pay lines
  • Scatter symbols

Table & Card games

edict develops classical table and card games. The games feature detailed graphics, cutting-edge game design, and innovative game functions. Some the table & card games include:

American Roulette

This is a simplified version of French Roulette. American Roulette is the fast and freewheeling version of classic roulette, and it is currently gaining popularity in the global casino markets. It features a different order of the numbers on the wheel with an offer of extra betting positions.

American Roulette



Craps is another exciting game of dice that is popular in the USA & Asia. The game is a simplification of Hazard, the ancient English game. By betting on the right result, you can win up to thirty times your original wager.

Edict FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about edict:

1. What is the safety of my funds?

In addition to the safety of your personal information, you can also be sure that all your funds are kept safe and secure as well.

2. How stable and accessible is the gaming platform?

edict has a very stable gaming platform. The games are developed with Flash & HTML5 for cross-platform compatibility and easy accessibility.

3. How versed is the gaming portfolio?

The gaming provider delivers a wide range of games in its gaming portfolio. This includes Slot games from Merkur slot machine, Table games, and Card games.

4. How safe is my sensitive personal information as a player?

The software provider has an astounding record of reliability and transparency, and this is demonstrated in its interactions with clients.