G. Games (Former Gamevy)

Quick facts

  • Excellent variety
  • Founded in 2013
  • Headquarters in London
  • Merged with Glück to form G.Games and Glück Group

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G. Games is an innovative solution provider that strives to provide outstanding games that combine skill and life-changing jackpots, such as gameshows, lotteries, and scratchcards.

Pros :

  • 150+ slots, table games, bingo, scratchcards
  • Partnered with 120 operators
  • Licensed in more than 6 jurisdictions
  • Diverse themes

Cons :

  • No progressive jackpots
  • No live dealer games

About G.Games

G.Games emerged from a fusion of Gamevy and Glück, which means the new company can rely on the strengths of both founding companies to kick-start its gambling odyssey.
Gamevy started as an innovative solution provider that strives to provide outstanding games that combine skill and life-changing jackpots, such as gameshows, lotteries, and scratchcards. This provider produced over 150 games with unique and quirky gameplay. Gamevy used to be known for its innovation, and now, the same goes for G. Games. In fact, in one of its latest ambitious moves, this provider has decided to create multiplayer games. A wide range of operators have been serviced by this G. Games — from state lotteries to niche casinos and top-tier sportsbooks.

Glück, on the other hand, focuses on the production of quirky slot games with exciting characters and themes. Gamevy managed to win back-to-back Game To Watch titles at the 2015 and 2016 ICE, while Glück picked the title up in 2017.

If your searches of Gamevy in 2021 are not producing too many results, it is because of Gamevy’s merger with Glück, so now Gamevy is known under the brand G.Games. The new brand was developed in a bid to expand the gaming portfolio and lead to better player engagement and ultimately improved profitability for the operators.

G.Games is an award-winning supplier of high-quality real-money games. They believe in combining skill with chance and focus on providing their players with an opportunity to win the life-changing jackpots while ensuring they are having ultimate fun. The new G.Games company was established in 2018, following the above-mentioned merger, but its roots can be traced back to Gamevy’s foundation in 2013, and Glück’s establishment in 2015. G.Game’s development studios across the world, from Gamevy’s headquarters in London, to Berlin, Bilbao, and Gibraltar. Gamevy, and consequently G.Games, is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission with a license number 38979.

Their team is comprised of dedicated developers, designers, and marketers who not only love building games but also enjoy playing them. Their games are available across multiple platforms and are designed by using HTML5 technology. This allows them to scale in size and adapt to various devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phone devices.

G.Games’ main focus is producing content for gaming, product development, and entertainment.

G.Games Software

Gamevy might not have had the largest library out there, but they did have a fantastic one nonetheless. Especially now when it teamed up with Glück to form G.Games and expand the library of games by incorporating new titles. Their gaming portfolio sports an excellent variety as they include a great mix of different games.

Players can opt to play quirky and fun scratch card games that stand out from the crowd and,
unlike most of the scratch card games out there, guarantee that the players can enjoy them for hours on end. Their selection also includes the world’s first gameshows that allow you to test your skill and push your luck while trying to bring home the life-changing jackpots. Apart from being rewarding, they are every bit as entertaining as your regular TV gameshows.

What’s more, Gamevy had a small selection of ever-so-popular video slots and lotteries. However, with the rise of G.Games, the number of slots has improved, bringing the games total to around 200. The provider releases around two new slots a month,with brand new and innovative mechanics, design, and volatility. Players will be surprised to see that certain slots from G.Games can offer up to 100 free spins and that all have been perfectly optimised for mobile devices.

On the other hand, their lotteries are specifically designed to appeal to a broad demographic of lottery and bingo players, which can be a great addition to any casino that has a high demand for these types of games.

Moreover, the provider seems to be keen on developing multiplayer slots in the future, which is bound to increase the social aspect of games and boost the competitive spirit of casino gaming.

Furthermore, you can decide on one of the world-known lotteries or have one custom designed for you. Needless to say, by adding this provider to your casino, you are certain to provide your players with an opportunity to enjoy some fantastic games.

All products are carefully crafted for their respective markets. Whether these are exciting bingo games for the LatAm market, classic slots with respin features for the German one, or other exclusive titles for the UK or Nordic markets, GGames has it all. Even bespoke games such as Manchester United, Sky Vegas, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire have found their way to GGames’ portfolio.