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Kiron Interactive

Quick facts

  • Creative games
  • BetMan, BetMan Online platform
  • RaceDay promotions

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Kiron is a provider of the largest virtual sports portfolio on the market. Your players will enjoy its traditional and innovative games and motivating promotions.

Pros :

  • The largest portfolio of virtual sports
  • Various promotions
  • Latest industry trends
  • Distributed among various platforms
  • Leaders of the field

Cons :

  • No casino games

About Kiron

Kiron Interactive is a leading provider of Full HD virtual sports for the igaming industry based in South Africa and the UK. It supplies both land-based and online operators and bookmakers with cutting-edge virtual games, the portfolio being the largest in the industry. This is what makes Kiron stand out of the crowd – you can find games for every taste, from traditional sports to Kiron’s creative innovative bonusing and skill games.
For over 16 years of successful operation on the market, Kiron introduced more than 20 games, which were developed by a team of professional system architects, developers, designers and animators. To date, the Kiron developing team consists of 50+ experts.

Products & Platform

The company started off in 2001 with its one-of-a-kind horse racing skill game, Turfmaster. From 2003 to 2008 followed the pools based virtual race betting engine, RNG based fixed odds betting engine, GLI certified retail game server and the launch of virtual racing games in retail betting shops.
Kiron’s pride is the BetMan and BetMan Online platform solutions, which enable smooth integration and operation of products into customers’ environments. This platform is a turnkey transactional and POS solution that accepts fixed odds bets. It includes a reporting system and recovery mechanisms against unpredictable hardware or network failures. BetMan Online technology allows your players to get the best mobile gaming experience.


Kiron Interactive offers over 20 games that fall into 5 categories:
  • Virtual Sports
  • Instant Win Games
  • Keno
  • Spin&Win
  • Lotto
The widest and most popular group, virtual sports, is represented with games for all tastes. Here you can find both traditional sports like boxing, horse racing and ice hockey, and creative chariot racing and streetball:
  • Bullseye (Bow shouting)
  • Virtual boxing
  • Speed skating
  • Super hoops (creative version of Streetball)
  • Slot cars (Circuit car racing)
  • Drive (Car racing)
  • Charging Chariots (Chariot racing)
  • Max car (Car racing)
  • Ice hockey
  • Badminton Smash
  • Racing Roulette (Horse racing)
  • Slipstream (Cycling)
  • Pro-pong (Table tennis)
Watch the video and see with your own eyes what are virtual sports from Kiron.

Promotions & Bonuses

Kiron Interactive offers its own developed tool for attracting customers to your gambling venue and increase your revenues. Its set of virtual racing games RaceDay is designed to make them want play more and more. The Kiron RaceDay solution comes in three versions – Sweepstakes, Tournaments and Pools.
Sweepstakes is a product that offers players to participate in the prize draw with a predetermined prize. Tournaments allow players to be allocated a virtual horse and take part in the tournament. Pools implies the need to qualify in order to choose a horse, with the qualification meaning earning loyalty points in games other than sports betting.

Security and trust

Kiron Interactive adheres to the high standards of responsible gaming. Its products are licensed by Gambling Commission, NGB, Gaming Labs, Responsible Gaming Trust and GameCare.

Other Features

Apart from features described above, Kiron offers the following key features:
  • Non-stop implementation of innovative features / products
  • Vast customization options
  • In-game advertising
  • Auto-commentary and Live voice over


Products of the vendor are popular on a global scale. The US, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, the UK, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Nigeria, South Africa, China, India and Australia are an incomplete list of countries where Kiron’s games are played. In total, Kiron has expanded into 41 country in 5 continents and is present at Ladbrokes, At the races, Marathon Bet, Surebet247 and other casinos.

Kiron FAQ

As you decide to select a gaming provider, there are some things you must check out and carefully look into to ascertain facts and dispel existing doubts about the authenticity of the casino provider. Below are frequently asked questions about Kiron:

1. Who is Kiron?

Kiron is a leading provider of the most extensive and most varied sports portfolio. The gaming provider offers the most comprehensive collection of scheduled virtual sports games in the industry, using the most advanced animation technologies to deliver video content which simulates sports events down to their finest detail. The game provider leads the industry with their technologically advanced platforms that deliver real-time rendering of virtual sports events.

2. Is this gaming provider licensed and regulated?

Kiron is a licensed supplier operating in regulated territories. Some licenses and certifications are held in regulated regions allowing the operation of virtual games. GLI has certified Kiron Interactive’s virtual gaming products. Gamers can be sure that Kiron is worthy of trust based on the reliability and the reputation it has garnered so far in the gaming industry.

3. What types of services does Kiron offer?

Kiron, the global virtual games provider, delivers leading content and effective gaming solutions in the industry which always meet clients’ tastes and preference and also tend to grow their casino. The services Kiron offers include Virtual Sports Games, Skilled Games, Loyalty & Bonus games, Number games, Keno games, Racing Roulette, and Spin & win. These array of services are uniquely design to give players the best gaming cum betting experience they can ever obtain in the iGaming industry.

4. How versed is Kiron’s gaming portfolio?

Kiron currently host the largest portfolio of virtual sports games in the industry on its popular virtual sports platform. The game provider offers 17 virtual sports games with flexible odds that are based on the margins set by casino operators. Kiron is a global solution provider that has its presence in almost all the continents in the globe, which covers more than 40 countries in the world.

5. Why integrate Kiron through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration is well-packaged to seamlessly integrate the innovative Virtual Sports games, Number games, Keno and others from Kiron on any casino. The expert team at SoftGamings are responsible for overseeing the daily requests of operators while the skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. The customer support is available and accessible round the clock, 24/7.