Quick facts

  • Creates Crash and Instant Win games, as well as slots and other trendy games
  • Supports all currencies, including cryptos
  • Runs worldwide servers

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Onlyplay is an innovative game development company focused on the production of Instant Wins games with completely unique game mechanics.

Pros :

  • Licensed and certified RNG software
  • Diverse portfolio
  • Unique game modules that boost the total profit
  • High RTP percentages

Cons :

  • No live dealer games

About Onlyplay

Onlyplay is a crypto-friendly games provider of instant win & fast games, and slots, offering a variety of mechanics and types of games. The company’s portfolio is packed with exciting Crash games, probabilistic, slot games, range of fast / instant win games, and unique solutions having no analogs in the industry worldwide. The provider implements multiple gamification features in their games accompanied by high-quality graphics and animations.

History & Milestones

Onlyplay has been present in the iGaming market for over ten years, during which it has managed quite a number of incredible feats, such as:

  • 2007 — Onlyplay created as the outsourcing company for developing games for the gambling industry;
  • 2013 — Onlyplay releases first Instant Win games based on lottery tickets;
  • 2016 — First Ethereum-based game released;
  • 2019 — Became a game provider and began to develop games under Onlyplay brand focusing on Instant Win solutions;
  • 2020 — Onlyplay launched its first own Crash game;
  • 2021 — Created 20+ games of 4 sub-segments: Crash games, instant win / fast solutions, including probabilistic, slots and advanced games with gamification features such as the lottery game Lucky Punch;
  • 2022 — Prepares new trendy game mechanics with a variety of unique game features;
  • 2022 — Onlyplay presents its products at iGB Live conference in Amsterdam.

Information About Management

Onlyplay is a privately-owned company with between 50 and 200 employees. It’s financial records have not been disclosed.

Onlyplay RNG Software

Onlyplay is crypto-friendly games provider of the Crash, instant win / fast games, slots, and fresh trendsetting solutions.Games are improved with gamification and new social features having no analogs in the industry worldwide. Excellent design and animations highlight the main idea of the game – create an atmosphere involving players in the exciting world of the game.

They created a special RNG platform whose cryptographic algorithm provides a high level of performance and reliability. Onlyplay RNG uses a reliable cryptographic algorithm based on the blake2b hash function, which provides high performance and high level of unproductivity.

Software Features

Software: Onlyplay
Software technology: HTML5
Games: Crash games, Instant win games, fast games, Slottery, probabilistic lottery, Crypto games, slots, Video Slots, table games, jackpot games, Gamification
Software licensed: Yes, RNG Certificates iTechLabs and BMM in accordance with UK and Malta requirements
Browser Play: Yes
Free Play: Yes
Video Quality: High
Mobile: Yes
Game Features: Multipliers, Bonus games, Bonus Buy, Jackpots, Meta games, Progress save (certain games), Gamification

Technologies and Integration

Onlyplay game content is rapidly delivered through the dedicated CDN nodes that are present in all the biggest datacenters around the Globe so players are receiving game content from the nearest point from their physical location that results in a good and pleasant game experience.

Onlyplay games are cloud-ready and can be deployed to any modern hosting party that has the support of cloud-native infrastructures using modern and reliable bleeding-edge technologies like Kubernetes, containers, microservices and etc.

HTML5 framework is used for all Onlyplay games.

Onlyplay RNG uses a reliable cryptographic algorithm. Reliability for generating game events has been confirmed by standard tests, independent laboratories, including the well-known iTech Lab company.

The fastest way of getting Onlyplay’s library of games incorporated into your online casino is through SoftGamings’ unified API system, thanks to which the whole process can be completed in a matter of weeks. Reach out to our support for more information.


Onlyplay’s main directions are instant win and fast games, exclusively developed solutions with social features and gamification. However, they also offer slots and mainstream Crash games with exciting gameplay and payout potential. Here are some of the most popular titles from their portfolio.


Lucky Punch is a game trendsetter, if there ever was one. Its main features are:

  • Anchoring players advantage.
  • Set of gamification features.
  • Progress Save.
  • Level Growth.
  • Total multiplier growth.
  • Visualization of a Real boxing match.
  • Referee and a Ring girl!
  • Tournament table. 1-reel slot.
  • Bonus game.
  • Bonus Buy feature.

Players get a 3-in-1 game: boxing match, 1-reel slot, and an exciting bonus game with another mechanic and visualization.Trying to win the boxing match they spin and when they spin they try to win money, of course! Also, the Progress Save feature allows players to go for a vacation and keep their progress till they come back. It would be so hard to forget about your Level21 if you already have it, right?… And players come back to your casino!



F777Fighter is a Crash game with a jackpot and gamification features.Who said a Crash game is only about a multiplier growth and Crash?

F777Fighter has a game scenario, a detailed visualization, a bonus game, and a Jackpot game. A broad global audience from Europe to South East Asia and Australia plays it!

The dancing shooters on the military aircraft carrier guide the aircraft to start the flight, just like in a real Navy!

Sounds of pilots’ negotiations during the flight are embedded. Game designers implemented even the smallest details, like the cloud surrounding the aircraft, when it reaches and exceeds the speed of sound.

The bonus game is visualized as an Airfuelstation bringing fuel and boosting the multiplier up to 60%.

The enemy aircraft comes and starts a Jackpot game. The players’ aircraft shoots it. All the players onboard win the Jackpot. It is distributed between all of them according to the amount of bet of each player. The bigger bet was – the bigger part of Jackpot achieved. Jackpot is cumulative, included to RTP.

Limbo Cat

A funny cat on a tank collects the bonuses hidden in boxes while the multiplier grows. These bonuses are x1.2 multiplier boosters. Some boxes explode when the tank with a cat reaches it! The game has a winter skin for the X-mas season with a red Santa’s hat. Despite the Asian style design game is regarded by women and men in the global market. Lots of men like tanks, and no doubt the internet likes cats!

Limbo Cat
The Thimbles

The Thimbles

The Thimbles is a table game improved with gamification and excellent graphics and animations. Gamification is the very first feature of this game. 4 bright characters and high-quality graphics and animation bring the feeling of playing with real people! The game has 3 difficulty levels – the riskiest one allows you to win $100 000 from a $10 primary bet in 7 steps! The player needs to guess where the crystal is hidden 7 times in a row.
Progress feature. Each character has a progress bar. Each fulfilled bar brings a key to the Bonus game.

The game has 2 embedded games – Bonus Game and Mini-Game.

Mini-Game allows to double current win or it is divided on 2, but still, a player gets half of his win in the main game and does not lose. He can take the next step moving forward his biggest win.

Bonus Game contains boxes with different amounts of wins. These boxes open with a key achieved when the Character reaches its highest progress. The Player chooses one box to open. Takes the win and returns to the main game to boost one more character and get one more key. All the wins inside boxes are cumulated during the game session and included in RTP.

Myth of Bastet

Myth of Bastet’s killer features are:

  • 1-reel slottery with metagames
  • bonus game
  • bonus buy

Slottery improved with gamification. Spinning 1 reel slot player opens one of three fantastic metagames with 3 different characters and scenarios. Bonus games are available. Special symbols open 3 different metagames and bonus games.The firing progress bar shows how soon the bonus game opens. There’s also a sparkling crocodile walking over the reel will definitely surprise players!

The fantastic sparkling design creates a magic atmosphere and amazes players
Gamification makes the game even more interesting!

Myth of Bastet
Jack Potter

Jack Potter

An exciting mysterious video slot with a wild Joker, who takes the player into the fantastic fruity journey with 5 various jackpots waiting. Bright juicy fruit symbols only increase players’ appetite in the game!
Jack Potter is a classic 3×3 slot game with a colorful design, high-quality animation, and a fair win. Onlyplay offers more slots with Jokers: Jack Potter X-MAS, Jack Potter Deluxe, Joker Coins, and Joker Coins X-MAS version with charming Joker Girl

Lucky Tanks

This fast game is so easy to play: the player needs to guess where the tank is hidden! 4 winning steps in a row allow to win 1180EUR from 10EUR bet. Or even get the Jackpot in 12 lucky steps if shooting exactly in tanks 12 tanks in a row. The design meets the interest of the audience who like online games with tanks, explosions, and other military equipment.

Lucky Tanks

Mobile Gaming

Onlyplay gaming products are mobile-friendly, as well as simple and clear for the user. HTML5 technology is used. The Mobile version has been available since the very first day of release. It also supports portrait and landscape modes.

Promotions & Bonuses

There are plenty of promotion and bonus opportunities that come with Onlyplay’s software. These are:

  • Landing page & Sepatare tab – the tool allowing players to get directly to the game right from the main lobby. Onlyplay provides templates ready to use and also supports custom design creation.
  • Exclusive games & Branding. Your players deserve something special and unique. Operators achieve one more advantage and create players’ interest with a game branded with operators signs.
  • Combo offer – the opportunity to get more profit and discounts with games promo placement
  • Free spins & free bets are currently under development. Considering the variety of game mechanics the tool realization differs. Free spins as a Bonus game and Bonus buy feature are available within certain games


Onlyplay is a licensed and regulated developer, which means BMM Testlabs and iTechLabs ran a detailed analysis of its security systems to make sure all details and player information was protected at all times. To prevent unauthorised third-party access, the company uses the latest security measures and encryption systems.

Trust / Credibility and Fairness

Onlyplay started to operate as a game provider in 2021, currently has its RNG and games certified by iTechLabs and BMM in accordance with UK and Malta requirements. These certificates warrant the high quality, safety and fairness of Onlyplay products. Onlyplay is on its way to UKGC and MGA licenses and approvals, just in a short while our products will become available for these and several other European regulated markets (to be updated on a regular basis).


Onlyplay has been nominated for the most prestigious awards in the industry, and the latest nomination is the Rising Stars Award at iGaming Idol.

Onlyplay FAQ

1. Who is Onlyplay?

Onlyplay is a producer of crypto-friendly Crash, Instant Win, slots, and other games with exciting game mechanics, favourable RTP percentages, and substantial payout potential.

2. Is Onlyplay licensed and regulated?

Absolutely. Onlyplay is a proud holder of RNG certificates from iTechLabs and BMM Testlabs, which are clear signals that all games from this provider are fair and safe.

3. What types of services does Onlyplay offer?

Onlyplay creates Crash, Instant Win, slots, and other types of innovative casino games.

4. Which Onlyplay’s games are popular?

Among the most popular games from Onlyplay, you can encounter Lucky Punch, F777 Fighter, The Thimbles, Myth of Bastet, and others.

5. Why integrate Onlyplay through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration platform allows operators to integrate the cutting-edge games from Onlyplay into their casinos seamlessly. The expert team at SoftGamings is responsible for overseeing operators' daily requests, while the skilled customer support specialists are always on call and ready to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. Customer support is available and accessible 24/7.