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Quick facts

  • For Asia and Europe
  • Softest liquidity in the industry
  • External programs are blocked

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GG Network is a poker network for recreational players, with 1000 players playing simultaneously. It features social interaction and other functionality.

Pros :

  • Good for recreational players
  • Blocking external assistance software
  • 1000 concurrent players weekly
  • Soft liquidity
  • Integration with social networks

Cons :

  • Not for experienced players


GG Network is Asia’s largest poker room, expanding into Europe. If you want your recreational players to enjoy trendy, technological software, integrate GG Network.
GGNetwork was founded in 2014, but it quickly grew into Asia’s largest poker room. However, Asia appeared to be not enough for the ambitious entrepreneurs, so now the poker network has been extensively expanding into Europe. By now, it has offices in Dublin, London, Manila and Seoul.

GGNetwork poker is played in 150+ countries by 1 mln + users. Some of GGNetworks’ partners have earned $500,000 in a month. Do you want your revenues to grow too? Look at why the company has gained popularity.

Key Features

  • New trendy software and technologies
  • Softest liquidity in the industry
  • Focus on recreational players
  • Experienced developers
  • Blocking external assistance programs
These advantages have led to 1000 concurrent players weekly and GGNetwork growing 200% annually.

Game Types

GGNetwork offers 4 games:
  • No Limit Texas Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha
  • All-In Or Fold
  • Fortune Spin
  • Tournaments

No Limit Texas Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha

GGNetwork’s Texas Hold’em and Omaha have some unique features. They are enriched graphically, and interactive features are added. For example, the ‘Heat’ feature enables the software to recognize a player’s emotional status and produce a certain sound, image or music.

no limit texas holdem softgamings
pot limit omaha softgamings

All-In Or Fold

This game gives players only 2 opportunities – to go ‘All-in’ or to ‘Fold’. This fast-paced version of poker is even more exciting with the Jackpot awarded when straight flush or higher combination occurs. This game is especially good for beginners.

all-in or fold softgamings

Fortune Spin

Fortune Spin is the GGNetwork’s version of the Sit&Go lottery. It features 3 multipliers (10%, 40%, Cookie – 50%). Cookie draws a random card out of 10. If a player collects all 10 cards, (s)he receives x 10 buy-in.

fortune spin softgamings


GGNetwork developed different kinds of tournaments to suit every player. Tournaments differ with games, format, buy-in and privacy. Advantages for operators include:

  • No overlay
  • Private tournaments
  • Buy Action / Staking feature
fortune spin softgamings

Special features

  • Apart from ‘Heat’ GGNetwork offers a range of other features, which make their games stand out.
  • For example, Pokercraft is the GGNetwork built external assistance program. IT is a version of Pokertracker/HUD feature for recreational players.
  • All-in Insurance compensates players in case of bad beat.
  • Hands are automatically captured and can be immediately posted on social networks.
  • All-in moments are accompanied by exciting shouts – the system ‘shouts’ the outs for the player.


GGNetwork offers a wide range of promotions: Tournament Leaderboard, Monthly Race, AoF Jackpot, Cookie Freerolls, Cookie Bonus, Chinese Zodiac Freerolls etc. The provider claims that all of them are free for operators. In total, more than $300,000 are won by players.

Healthy Ecosystem

GGNetwork puts time and effort into the development of secure and pleasurable player experience. Here’s what makes GGNetwork a safe and desirable place for stakers:
  • Anti-grinding policies
  • Loss-based rake allocation
  • Escalating rake cap
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Tested by BMM Testlabs
  • Licenses: the UK, Curacao, the Philippines