Salsa Technology (formerly Patagonia Entertainment)

Quick facts

  • HTML5 gaming products fully compatible with Mobile devices and Desktop
  • Free Spins
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Captivating features and Unique designs

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Salsa Technology (known as Patagonia Entertainment until 2020) is a gaming platform with its focus on innovation and high-end technologies to build the best online gaming environment for operators and their players. The gaming provider delivers unique and excellent gaming products that frontier the iGaming industry.

Pros :

  • Highly customizable iGaming solutions
  • Comprehensive gaming portfolio
  • Free Spins
  • User-friendly and responsive platform
  • Thematic contents

Cons :

  • No 24/7 service guarantee

About the iGaming Software Provider

Salsa Technology is a software developer that has achieved significant growth in several regions in Latin America. Since its establishment under the name of Patagonia Entertainment, the gaming provider has been dedicated to crafting games that are modern and adaptable for mobile.
The gaming provider started as a development project for video-bingo games for online casino operators. Over the years, Salsa Technology has moved on to developing and providing other gaming products such as casino games, slot machines, board games, live & virtual sports, among others.As of 2014, the company has been focused on the development of mobile-friendly games so as to expand the reach of its portfolio to more players than ever before.

In 2018, the gaming provider acquired the AutoGamesSYS gaming platform, and this made it become a true omnichannel solution provider that leads the iGaming industry with unique cross-platform gaming products.

In a bid to reinvent the company’s identity and incorporate the culture of Latin America into the global iGaming trends, Patagonia Entertainment was rebranded as Salsa Technology.

With the cooperation and commitment of the professional team at Salsa Technology, the gaming provider has significantly grown to be a complete gaming platform for online casinos.

Integrating all the variety of gaming products offered by Salsa Technology with SoftGamings’ unified API will scale your casino business.

History and Milestones

Salsa Technology has been a part of the industry in one form or another for almost a decade. These are the most memorable moments in its history:

  • 2012 — Salsa Technology was founded as Patagonia Entertainment;
  • 2012 — The company emerged as a video-bingo games provider;
  • 2014 — First mobile casino games were released;
  • 2016 — Salsa Technology started integrating other gaming providers into its offer;
  • 2018 — AutoGameSYS was acquired;
  • 2020 — Patagonia Entertainment was rebranded as Salsa Technology;
  • 2021 — Salsa Technology expands across LatAm markets;
  • 2022 — Salsa Technology gets Malta Gaming Authority’s license.

Salsa Technology Software

The software provider offers cutting-edge gaming solutions to online casino operators. All of the software is geared towards giving players the best gaming experience as well as to scale online casino business to generate much revenue for the operators.

1. Video Bingos

The gaming provider is geared towards being the world’s leading provider of Video Bingos that offer the best gaming experience to players. Salsa Technology has developed many Video Bingos with Pachinko being its main Mascot. The video bingos feature:

  • Video Bingos with in-game features
  • Bonus Rounds
  • Free rounds
  • Fantastic Prizes
  • Captivating themes
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • HTML5 with full compatibility with Mobile devices and desktop

2. Slot games

Salsa Technology develops slot games that are cutting-edge and thematic. The slot games are curated with the latest technology to gives players the best gaming experience and also offer operators maximum profits. The slots feature:

  • HTML5 with full compatibility with Mobile devices and desktop
  • Inspiring Themes
  • Free Spins
  • Captivating features and designs
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency
  • Slot machines with 3 and 5 reels

Salsa Technology API Integration

With Softgamings unified API, you can integrate all the slot games offered by Salsa Technology on your online casino for better players’ acquisition and retention. Our team at Softgamings will set up the games you require for you on your casino to ensure customers satisfaction and entertainment diversity. And with the increasing value attached to game quantity, you can stay ahead of it by providing more content and options of games for your players with our API packages at Softgamings. Explore the online gaming industry by delivering a functional and profitable online casino.

Salsa Technology Licensing

Salsa Technology is committed to trustworthiness, fairness and responsible gaming. And as a result of this, the gaming provider has obtained independent certifications and licensing from top licensing and gaming laboratories in the industry. The software provider is in complete collaboration with GLI.


Salsa Technology is still a young company but quickly making great strides. The latest accolades it received are nominations for the Best Platform/Provider and Best Game Producer at the Brazilian iGaming Awards 2022.

Games in Salsa Technology’s gaming portfolio

The games developed and deliver by Salsa Technology are very innovative and entertaining. Some of the Bingo games include:

Super Pachinko

This game is an ultimate fun of a classic Video Bingo. Super Pachinko offers new gaming experience and enjoyable hours of fun while you play the game. The game showcases a cat that joins you on your trip through ancient Japan where you play games of 30 balls. The unique features of the game include:

  • Super Prizes
  • 30 balls Bingo games
  • Chances of multiplying players’ credits
  • 10 Extra balls
  • Jackpot
Patagonia Pirates Bingo

Pirates Bingo

Pirates is an adventure game that allows you to find the hidden treasure of Captain Redbeard. Play this game and try your luck if you can find the hidden treasure of Captain Redbeard. The game features:

  • Easy win with 3 patterns
  • Amazing graphics
  • Unique prizes
  • 32 balls Bingo games
  • 12 Extra balls

Candy Bingo

This is a fantastic game that offers you sweet prizes when you visit the Candy Kingdom. Candy Bingo is a video Bingo game based on the classic 90 balls bingo where the Bingo King provides you with the opportunity to win the sweetest treasure he hides in his castle. The game features:

  • More winning chances
  • Multiple prizes in the joyful adventure
  • 34 balls Bingo games
  • 10 Extra balls
  • Jackpot
  • Wheel of Fortune mini-game with 3 chances of bet up to x15000 on each attempt.
Patagonia Candy Bingo
Patagonia Zodiac Bingo

Zodiac Bingo

The super Zodiac Bingo gives dazzling prices when you align stars. It is a game that delivers fun and intrigue as you unravel the hidden mysteries of astrology. Super Zodiac Bingo reveals your future by analysing horoscope and offering you amazing prizes at the same time. The game features:

  • More than 12 original patterns
  • Multiple prizes in the joyful adventure
  • 33 draw balls Bingo games
  • 10 Extra balls
  • Jackpot

Salsa Technology (formerly Patagonia Entertainment) FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about Salsa Technology:

How stable and accessible is the gaming platform?

Salsa Technology delivers a very secure and stable gaming platform. The games are developed with HTML5 for cross-platform compatibility and easy accessibility.

How versed is the gaming portfolio?

The gaming provider delivers a wide range of games in its gaming portfolio. This includes Slot games, video Bingo, Casino Games, and Virtual games.

How safe is my sensitive personal information as a player?

Salsa Technology has an astounding record of reliability and transparency, and this is demonstrated in its interactions with clients