Game Features

  • 18000x Jackpot
  • 13 Extra Balls
  • Free Spins
  • No Wild Card
  • No Autoplay Feature

Game Description

Explore a new game by Patagonia by playing Super Flex Bingo. The stakes are high in this game as you play for the huge rewards hidden inside it. It is loaded with amazing features and payouts which make it exciting and fun to play. Super Flex Bingo is a speciality game which makes a good alternative to ordinary casino games. It has wonderful bonuses included boosting your gameplay. So get ready to uncover the secret treasures Mr frog has by clicking the play button.
Super Flex Bingo
Super Flex Bingo


  • 91.90 - 94.26 %
    Return to player
  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 10 €
    Max bet
  • 7500 €
    Maximum win

Theme & Graphics

Super Flex Bingo is an exciting game which will have you at the edge of your seat as you play for the big wins. It does have an Intricate background where you can see silhouettes of a city and also has a dull colour combination which makes it stand out from the rest of the bingo games on offer. There is also a soundtrack which will keep you entertained as you continue to play the game. The graphics have been rendered superbly allowing players to load and play the game without any difficulty. You do not need to download any software to enjoy this game as it can be played directly from your web browser. If you are searching for a medium to high variance game, then Superflex Bingo is the game to choose. It will award a regular payout between game rounds but you have to be patient for the big wins.


Super Flex Bingo is a 90 ball bingo game, with 60 available numbers to play. The initial draw is 30 balls and a possibility of 13 extra balls. Before you can begin playing this game, you will be required to set your prefered stake using the bet icon on the left side of the display. You will be required to set your bet level between 4 and 40 which will allow you to play within your bankroll. Once the bet has been placed, you will click on the new ticket button to change the numbers on them. You also have the option of activating and deactivating the tickets individually as you continue to play the game. After everything is all set you will proceed to click the play button. The game plays out with selected patterns which offer different prizes. Once you achieve a certain pattern then the prize is paid out.


In Super Flex Bingo, you will find 4 tickets which will give you multiple opportunities to make winning combinations with each gameplay. You will be required to complete as many patterns in the game as possible to receive a prize.

Completing a full house will reward enormous rewards in Super Flex Bingo. A full house in this game will award 18000X Jackpot.


Super Flex Bingo has exciting bonuses which will keep you on edge as you continue to play for the huge rewards. There is a jackpot in the game which will allow you to walk away with a wonderful prize at the end of the game. To win this jackpot, you will be required to complete a bongo pattern with the first 30 balls during the initial draw. However, there is a prize overwrite feature which applies only once per game round. One pattern can overwrite only once and this will leave a complete pattern prize obtained after the game round. The overwriting is usually from higher to lower prize and will correspond with the patterns for each prize overlap graphically. There is also an extra balls feature which is triggered after the initial game round. if after the first 12 extra balls you are a ball away from completing the bingo pattern, then Mr frog will give you the chance for one more extra ball. Finally, there is a free spin feature when you trigger the extra ball option. However, these have an additional cost and the conditions to win free spins are defined by the operator.

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