Lucky Streak

Quick facts

  • Studio in Latvia
  • Chat, popups with tips
  • Side bets, bets behind

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Lucky Streak is a rather young member of the igaming market, although having good potential. It's Live dealer games are full HD, have many customization options and gamification elements.

Pros :

  • Luxury studio
  • Social interaction options
  • Side bets and bets behind
  • Found in most popular casinos worldwide
  • Gamification

Cons :

  • Newcomer to the market
  • Not the best on the market

About the company

Lucky Streak is a rather young member of the igaming market, although having good potential. It’s Live dealer games are full HD, have many customization options and gamification elements. Your players will like it!
Lucky Streak is a relative newcomer to the modern gambling market. But the one, who has a strong leadership potential. The company managed to earn the trust of top operators in just two years. Lucky Streak’s soft can be found in the most popular online casinos, and gamblers all over the world enjoy playing it. However, for the Lucky Streak’s team, the sky is the limit and it’s not going to rest on laurels anytime soon.

Lucky Streak was founded in 2014 and registered in Cyprus. Yet, it entered the international market a year later in 2015. This small privately held company with the head office in Tel-Aviv established an ambitious goal — to produce the best live casino games possible — and started with getting the Curacao gambling license.

After the live studio in Lithuania was launched it became clear that Lucky Streak team takes a fundamental approach and is going to establish itself as a leader of the online gambling market alongside with Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Microgaming.

Lucky Streak’s signature feature is the top quality of the soft. It includes Full HD video, amazing sound, numerous customization options, and gamification elements. Basically, it has everything to make it comfortable both for the operators and gamblers.

Nevertheless, it’s not only live casino solutions Lucky Streak is working on. It also offers numerous slots, fixed odds, video, and card games.

History & Milestones

The live casino provider was founded in 2014. Here’s a short bio by years.

  • 2014 — The company was founded;
  • 2015 — The company starts its live casino operations;
  • 2015 — Lucky Streak added to European Online Casino;
  • 2016 — More iGaming platforms add Lucky Streak, such as bit8 and BtoBet;
  • 2019 — The company expands its offers, hires new dealers;
  • 2020 — Mr. Gamble streams Lucky Streak games on Twitch.

Information About Management

Lucky Streak is a privately held company. It’s a medium-size business with 51-200 employees and there is currently no public info about the revenue of this company. The only information we have is that the company has a seven-digit budget annually. Lucky Streak’s CEO is Ady T., and other important managers are Erez Cywier and Oz Cohen.

Key People

  • Ady T, CEO at Lucky Streak
  • Erez Cywie, CTO at Lucky Streak
  • Oz Cohen, CLO at Lucky Streak


The live casino provider has been part of several expos, and its work has been recognized by many major iGaming organizations.

Lucky Streak Software

It is incredible how successful studios based in Latvia are. One of the leaders from that area is Lucky Streak. The company is dedicated to delivering only the best live games to gamblers all over the world. Live gambling has become extremely popular over the past couple of years, as the Internet speed is not an issue anymore for most people.

To make things even better, providers such as Lucky Streak optimise their streams so as to deliver real-time videos directly to their customers in high definition. Optimisation is quite important for cross-platform video delivery as well. Older smartphones can run live streams without any issues through modern mobile browsers that have built-in video rendering mechanisms.

It’s not hard to guess which games are their most popular ones — let’s take a look at the top three:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat

All three are well-known classics — even people who are visiting a live casino for the very first time are more or less familiar with the rules of these games. Of course, there are some advanced strategies that may be applied to gameplay, but you should look into that only after completely understanding the basics.

Lucky Streak API Integration

If a young, up-and-coming, growing provider offering live games is something you would like to see on your platform, Lucky Streak is the way to go. You’re probably asking yourself: “What’s the easiest way to offer their products to my customers?”

You can do that in the most effective way by using the one and only, SoftGamings unified API. Lucky Streak is included in the live casino bundle that comes with 10 other providers and their live games. Once you implement our unified API, all 11 providers will be available to you. All you need to do is choose which ones you want to offer to your players.

The API integration process takes no longer than a couple of days, except for cases when you have customisation and personalisation requests. Basic installation comes with user interface optimisation, which is just enough to run all the games from the providers you picked smoothly. The highest resolution and quality of live streams is guaranteed, as long as the end user has fast enough internet connection. To avoid any lag issues, players can always opt for 720p or lower resolution, which will still look incredibly realistic on mobile phones.

Platform & Integration

Lucky Streak’s soft is built on a highly scalable and flexible infrastructure to ensure optimal gambling experience. The platform detects the device and bandwidth constraints and adjusts the stream output according to the data received so the player could enjoy the best video and audio quality.

A simple seamless API integration allows the operator to get all the Lucky Streak’s solutions at once: live casino, slots, video, and card games.


Lucky Streak’s live portfolio contains three classic games: roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Live Roulette

A classic roulette game that emulates the brick and mortar casino experience precisely. During the game, the gamblers can chat with companionable dealers. Two cameras show every dealer’s move and every spin of the roulette wheel from every angle. Popups with useful tips make the game even easier and the wide range of settings helps to make the gaming process as comfortable as possible.

Live Roulette Lucky Streak SoftGamings
Blackjack Lucky Streak SoftGamings

Live Blackjack

A refined version of the popular game. Side bets and “bet behind” option (allows you to bet on a winning hand), a pre-decision button (an ability to choose the desired option even before it’s player’s turn to decide) plus the lenient betting limits for casual players and high rollers.

Live Baccarat

Lucky Streak had successfully digitalized the favorite game of all the high rollers worldwide. The gambler can play it whenever and wherever (s)he wants getting the same excitement and emotions (and the winnings, of course!) as during the game in the brick and mortar casino. Moreover, Lucky Streak’s Live Baccarat gives the gambler even more chances to win with the 6 options for side bets and an ability to view the bets and trends of other players.

Baccarat Lucky Streak SoftGamings

Other games

Lucky Streak’s RNG-games, slots, video games, and bingo aren’t as popular as the similar solutions created by other popular gambling soft providers. But you should consider adding those to your casino’s portfolio if only because they will become your schtick and the gamblers looking for something fresh and new will enjoy playing Lucky Streak’s games.

Mobile games

Lucky Streak’s games are available via Android and iOS devices. The company is planning to create a cross-platform solution based on HTML5.

Lucky Streak FAQ

In your quest to choose an online gaming solution provider, quite some things must be checked out and critically looked into to dispel existing doubts and to reaffirm the authenticity of the casino provider. Below are frequently asked questions about Lucky Streak:

1. Who is Lucky Streak?

Lucky Streak is a gaming solution provider driven innovations and excellence. The gaming solution provider is aimed at satisfying casino operators with unique gaming products and services that are engaging and rewarding. Lucky Streak, as a casino provider takes the live casino experience to a new level without compromising quality and standard.

2. What types of services does Lucky Streak offer?

Lucky Streak provides an array of services in its portfolio. The services offered by Lucky Streak include full and comprehensive live dealer solutions both off the shelf and tailor-made. The gaming provider delivers live dealer casino service to both land-based and online casino with high grade, scalable and flexible infrastructure.

3. Are the games cross-platform?

Lucky Streak offers live dealer casino solutions across mobile, and desktop channels. With these cross-platform and compatible gaming solutions, casino operators need not worry because their players can seamlessly enjoy these world-class solutions on each of their gadgets.

4. Does Lucky Streak offer bonuses and promotions?

The gaming provider is renowned for the way it increases players’ acquisition and retention through personalisation features and reward hooks that foster habit loops and players’ stickiness. Lucky Streak merges innovation, style, and gamification to offer players the best gaming experience in live dealer casino games.

5. Which live dealer games are available in Lucky Streak’s portfolio?

There are several games in Lucky Streak's portfolio, and all these games are top-rated and unbeaten in the gaming market. The games include: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, RNG & Slot Games.

6. Why integrate Lucky Streak through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration is well-packaged to seamlessly integrate the live dealer gaming casino platform from Lucky Streak on any casino. The expert team at SoftGamings are responsible for overseeing the daily requests of operators while the skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. The customer support is available and accessible round the clock, 24/7.