SpotOption Binary Options Software

SpotOption is the largest binary option trading platform online. By integrating it, you will enable your players to manage open bids, ensure security of trade and feel comfortable with the attractive design and intuitive interface.


SoftGamings integration advantages

  • Quick launch
  • Great commercials
  • Single unified API
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Best practice recommendations

Quick facts

  • Automatic market research
  • Self-tuning of the platform
  • Regular updates and upgrades

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spotoption softgamings

The largest online platform for binary option trading. The company started its activity in 2009, and to date, its software is being used by 70% of the leading binary bookmaking companies from all over the world. The latest edition of SpotOption has the following features:

  • Large number of contracts
  • The opportunity to manage open bids
  • Automatic market research using special tools

SpotOption is a quality and thoroughly thought platform for trading in the binary options market.

Why is SpotOption platform so popular among brokers?
The key advantage of SpotOption is that it is a ready-to-use platform. By choosing this software, traders own not only a convenient and functional tool for operating in the binary options market but also get the ability to exercise the self-tuning of the platform and to track detailed transaction statistics regularly. The broker also gets API support, option to connect affiliate programmes, RSS feed, and many other features.

The key advantages of SpotOption software
The terminal is not integrated into trader’s computer but into the website of the brokerage company. This means that it is possible to trade even during long-term journeys, and all you need is Internet connection;

  • Guarantees the security of trade
  • Availability of a partnership programme that can increase your website traffic
  • Discrete attractive design and a user-friendly interface
  • Upon request, our specialists can train your staff regarding all software-related aspects

Advanced management system
By using the SpotOption binary software, the broker should not spend time on thoroughly analysing data, since the program will do this instead. It is possible to independently adjust such settings as the expiration of contracts and the minimum investment requirement. The broker will have permanent access to statistics not only about the current transactions but also to data about closed sales for a given period.

Risk management
Experts track the business activity on the website 24 hours a day and ensure that the companies operating on the platform (under their own brand) have excellent conversion rates. Professional managers solve all the issues ranging from the valuation of assets to payment processing.

Reliable asset portfolio
SpotOption platform offers its customers more than 90 assets. Brokers have access to stocks, commodities, currencies, indices and are free to choose the assets they would like to trade and to set the premium being earned on them independently. Companies that use the platform under their own brand also have the ability to list assets from their region.

User-friendly interface and platform availability 24 hours a day
The trading engine and front end are designed to meet all the requirements of the regulatory authorities. The platform is available on any day of a week, 24 hours a day. Due to the introduction of bank quotations, trading can be carried out Over The Counter (OTC) as well.

The specialists of SpotOption create a tailor-made design and help to choose the correct settings so that their clients would be differentiated from their competitors.

News feed
SpotOption software allows installing additional widgets – the quotes for big assets, events and relevant news feeds. The company also provides a reliable connection to the data stream, ensuring the rapid transmission of information.

The company regularly updates and upgrades its product, taking into account the preferences and needs of modern traders.

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