Golden Hero

Quick facts

  • Unique and exclusive game content
  • Pachinko and pachislo games

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Golden Hero is a fully-regulated online slots and pachislos game provider whose games are now available in all of SoftGamings’ casino products and game bundles.

Pros :

  • Unique game content
  • Designed for mobile play in portrait mode
  • Pachinko inspired pachislo games

Cons :

  • Only video slots available at the moment

About the company

Golden Hero is all about games made for mobile devices. Easy. Fast. Fun. The company was founded in 2017 with its headquarters and office in Isle of Man. Golden Hero is drawing on a long history and deep knowledge of the iGaming industry.

Golden Hero
The outstanding games portfolio includes multiple innovative product lines of RNG slots games. All games are built on a brand new HTML5 framework, optimised for flexibility, size and speed.

Combined with a modern and stable games platform it allows any type of game mechanic and jackpot solution to be created.

The games are compliant and certified in several licensing jurisdictions. Golden Hero develops popular, high performing online slots and pachinko inspired pachislo games aimed at creating uniqueness in every operator’s gaming portfolio.

Golden Hero also offers a Partner Program that enables third party content providers to leverage existing frameworks and operator networks, allowing them to focus more on game development and growth and less on technical details and compliance.

History & Milestones

Golden Hero was founded in 2017 and might be still considered a small game provider but is clearly building its position with unique game content not found everywhere else.

  • 2017 — Golden Hero was founded;
  • 2018 — Golden Hero released its first hit game Jewel Race;
  • 2018 — Golden Hero signed a deal with JTG to participate in the partner program;
  • 2018 — JTG and Golden Hero launches the mega success pachislo game Hawaiian Dream;
  • 2019 — JTG and Golden Hero released their second pachislo Battle Dwarf;
  • 2019 — Battle Dwarf voted Game of the Year at;
  • 2020 — Dreams of Gold pachislo pays out an amazing $270,970 win to a lucky high roller;
  • 2021 — Golden Hero and Racjin collaboration comes to fruition with the pachinko and Ishikawa Goemon-inspired online slot game, Ninja Hero Goemon;
  • 2021 — Jewel Race Halloween, a new and spooky instalment of the popular Jewel Race slot game, arrives just in time for Halloween;
  • 2022 — Golden Hero releases new games such as Mimi and the Magic Staff, Wild Fusion, and Jewel Race Sakura.

Information About Management

Golden Hero is Isle of Man based and part of the Bally’s Corporation.

Key Persons

  • Ben Wood, Managing Director
  • Thomas Nimstad, Founder, terminates his position on 30 November, 2021
  • Shaun Cowles, Commercial Director

Golden Hero Software

Golden Hero is a provider focused on delivering scalable and fully-optimised casino products to users across multiple markets and continents. For its game production, the company has put its trust in HTML5 technology, and the bet has paid off.

Its portfolio is currently represented by slots and pachinko-inspired slots dubbed pachislos. Since the developer has become widely known in the iGaming world thanks to its presence in the Japanese market, it is easy to see that it owes its popularity to pachislos.

Pachinko games are incredibly popular in Japan, and their popularity has not waned even with the advent of online gambling. Golden Hero has managed to capitalise on that popularity and bring that pachinko vibes to players in different markets.

Golden Hero’s games are perfect for the growing gaming market in Asia and specifically Japan. Golden Hero has teamed up with the most knowledgeable companies to provide games not only skinned for the Japanese market but reated
and developed with Japanese players in mind. However, the games will for sure be a hit even for European gamers.

The first major distribution and content creation deal that Golden Hero signed with JTG has been the stepping stone for the studio that was once small but is now a rising force in the industry, thanks to its innovative product lines of RNG slots and pachislos.

Software Features

Software: Proprietary
Software technology: HTML5
Games: Slots, Pachislo
Software licensed: Yes
Browser Play: Yes
Free Play: Yes
Video Quality: High
Mobile: Yes
Game and Software Features: Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Stacked symbols, Multipliers, and similar


Golden Hero offers online video slots and pachislot games. Each game has its own theme, gameplay specifics, and a unique design.

Video slots

Jewel Race

Jewel Race is a catchy real money game that flirts with casual games. The beautiful graphics and distinct animations together with fast paced game play and an extreme hit rate make the game fun and easy to play. It is a thrilling and exciting experience and will make you want to continue playing to win more.

With every new set of icons forming a winning combination or win the multiplier is increased. It starts at 1x and can increase to 2x, 4x, 6x up to 8x. When the new icons don’t form a winning combination, multiplier is reset back to the start.

Landing 5 or more scatters anywhere on the board will trigger the Free Spins feature awarding you with anywhere between 10 and 20 Free Spins.

Golden Hero-Jewel Race
Golden Hero-High Roller Bonanza

High Roller Bonanza

High Roller Bonanza is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot game that has all the details of a table game but is in fact a slot. With cards, chips, die and a roulette wheel as the icons you definitely get the vibe of hanging out at a Roulette table in Vegas.

If your spin is nearly a high win, but not a high win, two wheels get locked and the third will continue spinning, giving you another three chances of scoring a winning combination.

Graphically this is very clear as the locked reels are highlighted with a padlock above them. Before the unlocked reel respins you get prompted that the wheel will respin and then the number of the respin that will start, counting down from 3 to 1. The reels spin until the tokens run out or you are rewarded with any kind of win.

Once the High Win is hit, or you don’t manage to hit the High Win during your three tries, the game goes back to base.

If a High win is received by a wild then the wild symbols flip several times, revealing a random win multiplier between 1 and 10. Your win is multiplied by the scored multiplier. Bonanza Wilds are awarded when at least one winning combination contains high symbols.

Pachislot games

Ninja Hero Goemon

Ishikawa Goemon was a legendary Japanese outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, a real Japanese version of Robin Hood. In this original 5×3 pachinko inspired slot game you need to take on battles and help Goemon, the Ninja Hero, to defeat mythical enemies. With inspiration from the Japanese traditional culture your mission is to defeat the enemies using different weapons assigned to you by Goemon.

The different weapons are only assigned to you if you reach the Battle Feature. Each weapon has a different bonus associated with it and the bonus is awarded by defeating enemies. The question is if you are game to join the Ninja Hero, Goemon, and defeat the enemies and reap your rewards?

The Smoking Pipe gives you a multiplier and a prize bonus after each defeated enemy. If you get assigned a Sword instead you’ll be given a prize bonus after your defeat. The Throwing Star will give you either a multiplier OR a prize bonus randomly after you have defeated level 3 and level 4 enemies.

After an enemy is defeated, Chest Bonuses may appear, depending on Goemon’s weapon and you can win anything from a prize bonus to a multiplier bonus x1 up to x15 your bet. The multiplier bonus is accumulated each round an enemy is defeated and is only reset once Goemon is defeated or the Level 4 enemy is defeated. With various styles of weapons and ninjutsu you can multiply your winnings and reap your rewards. If you’re lucky that is!

Hawaiian Dream

In this game East meets West when the thrill of a slot is merged with the excitement of a Pachinko game. Hawaiian Dream is a fast paced 3×3 slot game with pachinko style features. Packed with RESPIN&RUSH™ feature, free spins and much more!

Hibiscus Rush

The Rush Free Spins feature is set off when two hibiscus flowers start glowing and three 7 symbols (rush symbols) show up on the same line. When this happens, eight free spins will be awarded.

Ultimate Rush

If 3 red rush symbols are drawn out during the rush feature the ultimate rush will be activated. In Ultimate Rush payout is won as long as three of the same symbols are rewarded on adjacent reels. The game will switch to Hibiscus Rush Super for even more payouts after the Ultimate Rush is over!

Sunset Bonus

The Sunset Bonus symbol in the middle of the 2nd reel triggers the Sunset Bonus feature, a roulette lottery type of game in which players can win Free Spins. Keep your eyes and ears open for changes in lights or sounds to know when it’s cominng!


3 Respin symbols on a payline will trigger the Respin feature and increase your chance to trigger Free Spins. The Free Spins can loop themselves and give you tons of Free Spins within a few minutes should you be lucky! The Rush feature can retrigger with a high hit rate leading to enormous win possibilities!

Oiran Dream

OIRAN Dream is a 3×3 slot game inheriting the RESPIN function of Hawaiian Dream. Just like the previous game, players can foresee Feature Game with continuous RESPINs. The sexier the OIRAN is getting, the more payouts can be expected. Oiran game is one of the more awaited games by Golden Hero, targeting asian players on mobile gaming.

Oiran Dream is packed with bonus features and an easy to follow game flow and includes the popular RESPIN&RUSH™ feature.

Orian Rush Free Spins

The Free Spins, Orian Rush, is triggered when the beautiful sakura flowers glow and three pink 7 symbols stop on a payline giving the player 7 Free Spins to play. If you are lucky enough to get another three pink 7s in the last spin you get another free spin. These Free Spins are good for payouts. If the Sakura glows, Retrigger is triggered.
If Yakumono moves around, Doki Doki Time is triggered. If the Moon symbol stops, your chance to trigger Doki Doki Time increases.

Doki Doki Time

Doki Doki Time is triggered when Yakumono moves around and three rainbow 7 symbols stop on a payline.

Kamon Bonus

Kamon Bonus is a game challenge by rolling the dice. If the roulette stops on Up, it goes to a higher level. The game will continue until the roulette stops on Collect or the icon in the centre.


Respins is the key to this game as in all pachi slot games. Reels start to respin when three adjacent Respin symbols stop on a payline. The color of Orian changes each time three Respin symbols stop on a payline. The chance to trigger Orian Rush gets higher as the background color changes from green to purple to red.
If you land three Respin symbols on a payline three consecutive times, Orian Rush or Doki Doki time is triggered.


Golden Hero provides games for online gambling on mobile devices for an easy, fun and fast gaming experience. The outstanding games portfolio includes multiple innovative product lines of RNG slots. All games are built on a brand new HTML5 framework, optimised for flexibility, size and speed. Combined with the modern and stable games platform it allows any type of game mechanic and jackpot solution to be created.

Golden Hero also offers a Partner Program that enables third party content providers to leverage existing frameworks and operator networks, allowing them to focus more on game development and growth and less on technical details nd compliance.

Mobile Gaming

Golden Hero has adopted a mobile-first approach in developing its slots and pachislos. All games are created using the latest HTML5 framework, which makes them fully optimised for all types of mobile devices, regardless of their operating systems. What’s more, its games bring the ultimate visual and audio gameplay experience without requesting a lot of computing power from the devices, so the players won’t have to worry about their phones and tablets not being able to support the games.

Promotions & Bonuses

Golden Hero offers a diverse portfolio of in-game bonuses, such as RESPIN&RUSH™ feature, multipliers, free spins, and much more. However, when it comes to detailed promotional schemes, there is some room for improvement.

In the meantime, all the operators who decide to implement video slots and pachislos from this developer can also choose to implement a feature-rich standalone Bonus system from SoftGaming. It includes loyalty packages, different user levels, first deposit, deposit, no-deposit, registration and many other types of bonuses in its API.


The company’s information security management system is audited by the independent auditors every single year, which means Golden Hero meets all of the highest modern security standards.

Trust / Credibility and Fairness

All games are licensed with MGA and follow all legislation and regulations for player safety. Golden Hero works with SIQ test lab for game verification and certification.


  • 2019 Battle Dwarf voted Game of the Year at

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Golden Hero FAQ

Before opting for an online game developer, operators need to learn some basic information. Here are some of the most frequent questions they ask about Golden Hero:

1. Who is Golden Hero?

Golden Hero is a gaming company established in 2017. It focuses on the creation of video slots and pachinko-inspired slots called pachislos.

2. What types of services does Golden Hero provide?

Golden Hero provides online and mobile video slots and pachislos. The unique games are created with the latest HTML5 framework, thanks to which the content can be delivered across platforms.

3. Is this gaming provider licensed and regulated?

Golden Hero is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, and its games are also certified by the SIQ test lab, which is a guarantee of fairness and security of its games.

4. Does Golden Hero offer bonuses and promotions?

There are plenty of in-game bonuses in Golden Hero’s portfolio that credit players with free spins, multipliers, respins, and many other exciting features.

5. Why integrate Golden Hero through SoftGamings?

Thanks to SoftGamings' unified API integration, the innovative casino slots and table games from Golden Hero can be integrated into any casino seamlessly. The expert team at SoftGamings is responsible for overseeing the daily requests of operators while the skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. Customer support is available and accessible round the clock.