Surrender definition and meaning

Surrender is a casino term used to refer to a type of bets in roulette and different variations of blackjack.

Quite a lot of roulette tables allow you to use the surrender rule. If you have made an outside bet, you will be able to save half of your wager instead of losing everything if the surrender rule is active. However, for the surrender option to be active, the ball must land on either 0 or 00.

In blackjack, the surrender option has the same function but is played out differently. It allows you to fold and lose only half of your wager instead of the entire bet. However, keep in mind that you can use the surrender option only after the first two cards have been dealt and before you’ve made any action, such as hit, double, split, or stand.

In Blackjack Surrender, you can use the late surrender option, which means you can surrender after the dealer has checked for a natural blackjack.

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