Junket definition and meaning

Casino Junkets are also known as complimentary travel trips and are offered to casino players who spend a lot of time playing in a casino. Whether you’re playing online or in a land-based casino, chances are that the casino you’re playing in has a VIP programme and offers junket rewards to the most loyal players.

Casinos will offer to pay for the players’ travel expenses, as well as the accommodation in exchange for playing at the casino. In addition, the player will usually have to pay a minimum deposit in advance and also agree to spend a certain number of hours playing at the casino that has provided them with the junket complimentary travel trip.

Naturally, different junkets cover different things and come with different requirements, but once you know what the term junket stands for, it’s much easier to go around and check casinos’ details and see what you can get if you receive a junket.

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