Cage definition and meaning

Cage is another term that has two meanings. However, these two meanings are so different that you shouldn’t have any trouble differentiating between them, even if you are unfamiliar with most of the casino jargon.

Namely, in casino terms, a cage or birdcage can refer to a cage-like metal device that was used for playing Chuck-a-luck or shaking the dice during a game of craps in earlier times.

However, nowadays, when someone asks for a cage, they are thinking of a place where cashiers in brick-and-mortar casinos are. Apart from safes and vaults, cages are places where casinos store a lot of money, so gambling establishments make sure that the place is safe and secure, which makes it look like a cage.

Therefore, whenever someone asks you to point them to the nearest cage, you should know they are asking where they can exchange their money for chips.

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