Ficheur definition and meaning

Ficheur is a casino term that refers to a device used in roulette. This sophisticated mechanism is most frequently used in American roulette for separating chips by colour.

If you take the number of different types of bets you can play into consideration, as well as the fact that players often bet on multiple outcomes, having a lot of players with plenty of casino chips at the roulette table might become confusing. Instead of the croupier or players having to remember which player bet on what or the size of their bet, casinos use different-coloured chips for each player at a roulette table.

The croupier can then simply collect all the chips, put them in a ficheur, and the machine will sort the chips out and dispense them to the players to use. This saves croupiers a lot of time and keeps them focused on the table while the device does the work.

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