Card Washing definition and meaning

Card washing is a term used to explain the card shuffling technique the dealers often use. It refers to dealers spreading the cards on the table face down and then mixing them with both of their hands flat down on the surface.

For some, the motion resembles a face-washing technique, while others are reminded of the sloshing of clothes in a washing machine by it. Over time, players coined a term for it that’s widely used among casino enthusiasts nowadays.

Card washing is often used to eliminate any inconsistencies that might’ve occurred during the previous hand. After all, the goal of shuffling is to randomise the cards.

When it comes to standard poker, dealers wash cards after every round before shuffling them in a more conventional way. In blackjack and baccarat, the cards are washed after old decks are taken out of play and a new set of fresh decks is used to replace them.

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