Croupier definition and meaning

Croupier is a French word for the dealer, and it is used to refer to the person in charge of the gaming table. While the term dealer is widely used, croupier is much more accurate since the position involves a lot more than just dealing cards.

Apart from knowing different shuffling techniques and how to deal cards properly, croupier’s responsibilities also include making sure that everything at the table is in order. That covers inspecting the cards or the equipment used in a casino game, controlling the game, and ensuring that all players have placed bets before the round begins.

Additionally, the croupier is in charge of exchanging players’ paper currency for casino chips, collecting players’ chips after a lost round, or paying out the players’ winnings. Furthermore, they need to be knowledgeable so that they can answer all questions regarding the rules of games and casino policies.

Since there are many things a croupier is in charge of, you can see why the French word is much more appropriate for this job position.

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