Beard definition and meaning

Beard is a term used mostly in sports betting that refers to a person betting in place of someone else. If you think about it, a beard is often used to conceal someone’s identity, and that’s precisely what beards do.

There are many reasons for players to use a beard instead of placing bets themselves. For example, if they have been previously banned by a casino or sportsbook establishment or if they are considered a professional bettor and they don’t want the oddsmaker to change the odds based on their bet.

Furthermore, a beard can be used by a public figure, such as a professional athlete, a coach or an official who wants to remain anonymous or by someone who wants to wager over the sportsbook’s limit and place more than two bets in their establishment.

Keep in mind that using a beard usually involves some shady activities, especially because, depending on your country of residence, it may be illegal to place a bet on behalf of someone.

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