Skin definition and meaning

Skin is a term used both inside and outside casinos, and it refers to money. The term is most often used in America, and there are numerous other slang expressions that refer to dollars, such as stacks, cheddar, moolah, and bucks. Among numerous terms for American dollars, skin might be one of the oldest ones so you might not hear it that often, which is why knowing the other terms can prove to be useful.

When it comes to the term skin, it is believed that it originated in the early 1800s. Namely, animal skin was often traded back in the day, and its value was represented as a third of a dollar or half of it. Buck’s skin was worth a whole dollar, which might explain how both buck and skin became slang for money in today’s time.

Furthermore, you might hear someone use the term sawbuck, which refers to a $10 bill.

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