Progressive Slot definition and meaning

As the name suggests, progressive slot is a term used by video slot and slot machine players and it refers to a type of video slot game.

Progressive slots are slots like all others. However, they come with one significant difference — they present you with an opportunity to land a progressive jackpot. Each time you spin the reels of a progressive slot, a small portion of your bet is added to the progressive jackpot prize pool. The size of a progressive jackpot continuously increases until it is won by a player, at which point it resets and the process starts anew.

Progressive slots often come with several different jackpots integrated into them, each with its own prize pool. Naturally, the harder the jackpot to land, the bigger the reward. Depending on the design, there are several different ways to land a progressive jackpot, so make sure to enter your slot’s paytable and get familiar with basic rules before you start to play.

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