Paroli definition and meaning

The term Paroli refers to the Paroli betting system that is most often used by roulette players. The logic behind this betting system is that both the wins and losses come in streaks. Therefore, this system is designed to greatly reward your winning streaks.

To use the system, the player will only have to bet on even money outcome bet types, such as betting on black at the roulette table, for example. First things first, the player should determine their initial stake. Then, the player will bet one unit of their stake on black.

For the sake of explaining the system, let’s say they are betting $5 on black. If they lose, their next bet would be the same, $5 on black. The player will repeat the process until they make a winning bet.

After a win, the player will double their bet. In our case, that would mean betting $10 on black. If the next bet is a losing one, the player will go back to betting $5 on black. However, if the bet is a winning one, the next bet will be doubled again. Since they bet $10 previously, this means their following bet would be $20, which is four times their initial stake.

If they end up winning three times in a row, their fourth bet will go back to their initial stake of $5, and a new session will begin.

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