Capping definition and meaning

Capping is known under many names, such as capping a bet, late betting, pressing, or past posting. Capping is considered cheating, and it involves players either adding or removing chips from their bet after the outcome is known. It is one of the most serious offences in land-based casinos, and it can easily get you banned from a gaming establishment.

For example, when playing roulette, the dealer will either announce that there are no more bets or wave their hand in a specific manner to signal to the players that no bets can be placed as the roulette ball is coming to a stop.

Quite often, players were caught cheating, pretending as if they were trying to tip the dealer while palming casino chips and adding them to their wager after the wheel has stopped or the bets were off.

Regardless of the method of capping or late betting, the action is heavily frowned upon by both casino staff and other players.

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