Banker definition and meaning

In some cases, the term banker is used to refer to the dealer, and both terms have the same meaning. However, in a game of baccarat, the term banker has a completely different meaning, which causes a lot of confusion between new players, especially the ones who have never played baccarat before.

Therefore, due to people referring to dealers as bankers and the way baccarat is played, it is a common misconception that banker refers to the dealer’s hand.

For example, baccarat is a hand betting game where players bet on hands and different outcomes. There are three outcomes in total: player, banker and tie, and this is where the confusion arises. Namely, player and banker are terms that do not refer to actual players’ hands but only to the outcomes players can bet on.

So if someone says they are betting on the banker, they are not betting on the house to win but simply placing a safe bet.

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