Crossfire definition and meaning

Crossfire is casino jargon used by players to refer to dealers who are chatting about everything but the game in front of them.

The term crossfire is most often used in land-based casinos. The situation involves a dealer who ends up chatting with other dealers, a pit boss, or even other players without any disregard for the game. While some players don’t mind it and are more than glad to partake in the chatter, other players might end up displeased or even irritated, as they would prefer to stay focused on the game.

Furthermore, in some cases, a stickman might end up talking with other players or casino personnel, which significantly slows down the game of craps. This can easily get on someone’s nerves, especially because a game of craps is supposed to be fast-paced.

Regardless of the situation, make sure you are not the one caught up in the crossfire and that you are not keeping the dealers occupied. They need to focus on the game and avoid rubbing someone the wrong way.

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