Juice definition and meaning

Juice is slang used by bettors and brick-and-mortar casino players that refers to the fee that the bookmaker or casino charges for playing in their establishment. When it comes to casinos, most of the time they charge poker players since the game is played between the players and the house doesn’t have a way to win.

To be more precise, casinos often deduct a portion from the player’s winnings each time a poker player wins a pot. A casino takes a small cut of that pot while the player gets to keep the rest.

The term is also referred to as vigorish, vig, under-juice, the margin, the cut, etc.

There are several ways for casinos to get juice from their players. As we’ve mentioned, one of them is taking a cut of every pot. The second is charging the players each time they move forward and decide to see the flop. Another way includes charging the players per hour or half an hour they spend playing in their establishment.

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