Break-Even Point definition and meaning

Break-even point is a widely applicable term that refers to a player winning the same amount they have previously wagered.

When it comes to casinos, it can be used in two situations, when referring to a shared win that covers the amount you have wagered in the round or to refer to winning everything you have previously lost during your gaming session.

For example, let’s say you joined a table with $100. Over the course of several hands you ended up losing $25, and now you have $75 in chips. On the following hand, if you end up winning just enough so that you are slightly ahead, under or at exactly $100, you will be at the break-even point.

The same can be said for winning the same amount that you wagered in a hand. While these situations are rare, poker players sometimes split the pot, and that may cause you to win the same amount you have wagered and break even.

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