Fold definition and meaning

Fold is a term used both in online and land-based casinos that refers to players forfeiting their hand.

Fold or folding is almost always used in poker. Whenever a player has a bad hand, they can fold. By doing that, they forfeit all bets they have made thus far into the hand and have to wait for another hand to start before they can take action.

Folding in poker is a common practice. Whenever you suspect that other players have better cards or you simply don’t want to call someone who raised a ton or went all-in, you can fold. However, just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should always do it. Quite often, players try to bluff to force you to fold a good hand.

While there are numerous poker guides out there that tell you which hands you should play and when you should fold, knowing when to fold a good hand is something you can only learn through experience.

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