Dime Bet definition and meaning

While a dime in everyday life refers to 10¢, a dime or a dime bet has a completely different value in the world of casinos and sportsbooks.

Namely, a dime bet in poker refers to a $1,000 wager. For example, if you are sitting at a poker or blackjack table, and you overhear someone pondering out loud whether they should bet a dime, you should know they are planning on betting $1,000.

In addition, the same phrase is used when it comes to sportsbooks. If a bettor is thinking about wagering a dime on their favourite team, they are also thinking of betting $1,000.

While it may be confusing at times, you should use common sense and logic to determine if someone is talking about $1,000 or is simply referring to 10¢.

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