Chips definition and meaning

Chips, or rather casino chips, are a type of currency used in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Using real money for land-based casino table games would be a disaster. Having to bet with paper bills, verifying their value and handing in one by one would be a nightmare. What’s more, having to deal with different currencies for every table would double or quadruple the amount of time you spend calculating someone’s bet.

To simplify the process, casinos have introduced playing chips. Each of them comes in a different colour, and every colour represents a different denomination, allowing players and dealers to easily distinguish between chips. Players can simply visit a casino cage and exchange their money for casino chips or vice versa, which makes everything convenient.

In addition, some casinos use plaques that serve the same purpose as casino chips. Plaques have a rectangular shape and are bigger than casino chips. More importantly, they usually have much higher denominations.

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