George definition and meaning

Instead of mistakenly calling someone George during your casino sessions, you should know that George is a casino jargon among the players for anyone who tips generously. Whether you’re tipping the dealers or the casino staff, or both, if you’re being generous with your money, you’re a George.

The term derives from a one-dollar bill, as it has George Washington on it. Older generations of casino players used to say that one hands out enough Georges he might be George (Washington) himself, hence the term.

Furthermore, there are many levels of George, which are, naturally, based on how much someone tips. For example, you can be a super George, a king George, a monster George, or even a King Kong George, if you are extremely generous with your Washington bills. The possibilities are endless.

Another thing to note is that the term may sometimes be used outside casinos, so don’t let it confuse you if someone calls someone else a George, even if you know that’s not their actual name.

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