Session definition and meaning

Session is a term that can be used in casinos but it is also often used outside them. Simply put, it refers to the time spent devoted to an activity.

Outside the casino world, the term can refer to, let’s say, a gaming session and how long someone has spent playing video games, for example. In the world of land-based and online casinos though, the term is used to refer to the amount of time spent playing a casino game or sitting at a casino table.

For example, each time a baccarat player sits down at the baccarat table, they are starting a session. The session can last indefinitely, and players can even take short breaks without ending the session.

The world record for the longest poker session ever is held by Phil Laak, a professional poker player who played for 115 hours with 5-minute breaks every hour. Needless to say, long sessions like these shouldn’t be attempted as they can endanger both your health and bankroll since you are bound to lose focus sooner or later.

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