Game Features

  • X1000 Jackpot
  • No Reels
  • No Free Spins
  • No Scatter Symbols
  • No Wild Symbols

Game Description

Get ready to aim and throw for big wins by playing this Microgaming game - 1X2 Darts. You will be required to play through a game of virtual darts for huge returns. The game is delivered as a scratch card with a twist allowing players to have fun and still get wonderful prizes. 1X2 Darts is not a slot machine and does not have a payline. However, there is a chance for players to win amazing rewards. So get ready to outdo your competition and play this slot.
1X2 Darts
1X2 Darts


  • 95.5 %
    Return to player
  • 0.1 €
    Min bet
  • 10.00 €
    Max bet
  • 10000 €
    Maximum win

Theme & Graphics

1X2 Darts is a classic online casino game which is pretty unique to play. It offers players a scratch card gameplay but with a drats theme. This game is perfect for all players who love darts. Unlike the real darts, here you do not have any control over the gameplay but you can still claim wonderful prizes. In other words, players will be placing a wager on another player's results. The graphics are rendered perfectly allowing players to load and play the slot without any hitches. The game is presented as a darts game with the middle of the game featuring a dartboard. There are two different boards by either side of the game. The left side of the game shows the scores for each throw, while the right board will showcase the different payouts up until the jackpot. If you are looking for a medium variance game, then this is the game to choose. You will win various prizes with each play. It is recommended for all players who would love to break the monotony which is presented by slot machines. All players whether novices or veterans can play this game.


1X2 Darts has a different gameplay from slots and scratch cards. This is a simple fun and fast game which is rendered as a 3D darts simulation. It offers regular payouts allowing players to win multiple times. To play, you have to select your stake using the up and down arrow keys located at the bottom of the game screen. You will find that the default stake is 1 coin. Once you have set your bet you will have to select the large green arrow at the game to launch arrows. You will see 3 arrows thrown and the wins are fixed and awarded by the total number of points scored by the three arrows. There are 3 colours in the slot with a bull's eye at the middle of the game display. These colours pay different amounts and decrease outwardly. When playing this slot, you should understand that you do not have control over the darts being thrown and they are basically directed by a random number generator.


In Darts 180, you will find no paylines and you will not be spinning the reels for wins. However, the payouts depend on the score which is the sum of the score of the darts thrown. The lowest payout which can be paid out when playing 1X2 Darts is 0.5X your wager. This is paid out when a player scores 40 points. You as a player will also win X1000 the wager which is the game's jackpot. The jackpot is paid out is paid whenever players get 180 units.


Darts 180 is a wonderful game but it also comes with its perks. Even though there are no substantive bonus games and features such as wilds, scatter symbols or gamble feature, you will still have an excellent gameplay. The slot has a jackpot which will award a high payout of up to 1000X your stake. This means that you will walk away with amazing prizes whenever you play this game. The game is divided into sections which are colour coded. The red centre circle scores 50 units. The green centre scores 25 units. Whenever a dart lands on the middle circle the score is trebled, while a dart landing on the outer circle its score is doubled. All the black and white areas on the board score single values. Other than these features, players have to be satisfied playing this slot. It will offer great excitement while still giving you multiple chances to land a big win.

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