BetgamesTV Top 10: how to change the game in live casino industry and hit the jackpot (2021 Update)

Jan 4, 2021 Artyom Ustinov
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BetgamesTV is a privately held Lithuanian company developing and distributing the live casino soft. The company is one of the latecomers as first of the products appeared on the market in 2012 (and the first live dealer casino solutions were created in the late 90s). However, the Lithuanian enthusiasts managed to earn a place in the sun and our today’s post is about their success story and 10 best games.

What is BetgamesTV?

BetgamesTV is one of the smaller gambling soft providers (up to 200 employees) with the main office in Vilnius. The team is working exclusively on developing live casino games and offering B2B solutions.

One of the main advantages of BetgamesTV is a unique set of games — a combination of popular table games and lotteries (even the industry leaders like Microgaming or NetEnt don’t have such an ace up their sleeves).

Another piece of good news for the operators is that the company appears not only on EU market but also in Africa (South Africa, Kenya, and Mozambique), South America (Peru, Uruguay), Asia (Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan).

Their success story is receiving many accolades and 2020 has probably the most fulfilling one. BetgamesTV has won two prestigious awards: the Best Online Casino Innovator in the Baltics Award at the BSG Awards, and Live Casino Supplier of the Year Award at the SBC Awards. The company was even shortlisted for Retail Supplier of the Year Award at the 2020 Global Gaming Awards and missed the top prize by a small margin.

Although a young company, their products are well received and appreciated. All of this is a great starting point for BetgamesTV heading into 2021 which will hopefully be a record year.

Some other advantages of BetgamesTV include:

  • 11 amazing games
  • “Bet on Poker”, “Bet on Baccarat”, and “War of Bets” available non-stop 24/7
  • The API is pretty easy to integrate
  • Lots of customization options (various CSS, language, and bet settings etc.)
  • The company is flexible when it comes to the operator’s GGR growth
  • “Multi-table effect” helps the operator to increase not only the engagement level but also the total time of the gambling session

Now, when you have all the root information about the BetgamesTV let’s move to the 5 best games.


Lucky 5

The “Lucky 5” is a gambling adaptation of a “5 out of 36” lottery. But if during the classic lottery game you have to guess the winning combination of numbers, the “Lucky 5” has way more betting options.

For example, the gambler can bet on not only on the numbers or the colors of the balls that will be dropped but also on the balls that will not be dropped, will the sum of the dropped balls be higher than 92.5, will there be more odd or even numbers and many more. The game offers 95 options in total! Even a cat could win if the chances are so high.

The gameplay is super easy as well. One draw has one betting round. The draws run every 5 minutes (4 minutes for the betting round and 1 minute to broadcast the draw). When the draw begins the gambler will see an empty game machine where the balls will be put and mixed. 5 of the balls will be chosen and will form the winning combination. The ball to the left is considered to be the first, the one to the right — the last.

All the winning numbers will be announced by the presenter and can be found on the “Results” page.

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is another lottery game where players need to guess the 6 winning numbers correctly. There are 60 numbers altogether. The betting round happens between the game draws, which run every 4 minutes. The balls are numbered from 0 to 9, and when the mixing and selection process is completed, the machine drum draws the balls, and the presenter reads the winning numbers.

The game offers a number of betting options, fast-paced action, and good odds of winning, thanks to the 6 out of 60 lottery style.


Baccarat or Bet on Baccarat is a traditional Punto Banco game played between the player and a dealer. The dealer will start the game by dealing two face-up cards to both the player and himself. The player gets the cards first. The goal of the game is to have a total sum of the cards as close or equal to 9. The value of the cards is numerical, so the cards from 2 to 9 are worth between 2 and 9 points. Cards from 10 onwards have no value.

In addition to the traditional player or banker bets, players can also use player pair, banker pair, either pair, perfect pair, big, small, and other bets to spice things up a bit. The game has fixed odds, and the minimum and maximum bets are left to the operator to decide.

Speedy 7

Speedy 7 is an incredibly simple and fast-paced game in which players need to bet on only two possible outcomes — whether the card will be red or black. The dealer will use six 52-card decks and deal the cards per two-minute draws. The players can join the game at any time and cash out during any betting round. The Lucky Streak bonuses for 4 and 7 winning betting rounds are another thing that makes Speedy 7 unique. The game runs 24/7 live and offers a variety of customisation options.

6+ Poker

6+ Poker is the latest addition to BetGames.TV gaming catalogue. The concept of 6+ Poker is based on the casino classic Texas Hold’Em Poker game, but with a twist. Each draw consists of a 36-card deck, with all cards lower than 6 removed from the deck, hence the name 6+ Poker. Some of the changes and upgrades you will notice right away are that an Ace is a part of a Straight combo, the Flush combination becomes higher than the Full House, and that A Three of a Kind becomes higher than the Straight combination. 6+ Poker allows for more full-houses and straights to be formed and has a variety of odds that can bring hefty wins.

Bet on Poker

BetgamesTV has an exquisite version of poker, which takes up the second position of our rating deservedly so. Both the poker newbies and the experienced players will enjoy it.

The rules of “Bet on Poker” mirror the rules of “Texas Hold’em”. The gambler can bet on one or several positions and one or several combinations.

There are 6 positions (hands) in the game and each of those receives two cards (the presenter deals the cards clockwise). After that, the presenter deals 5 community cards (flop, turn, and river) that are used to form the combinations. A standard 52 (fifty-two) card deck is used in the game and each card has a unique barcode that is scanned by an integrated table scanner when the cards are dealt. Don’t worry. If the card falls down or you can’t see it, the deck will be changed. Also, if the cards are marked or damaged, the deck is also changed.

There are several betting rounds in “Bet on Poker”. The first one starts before the presenter deals the cards to 6 positions. The second one — after each hand has received two cards. The third round starts after the Flop and the fourth is after the Turn. The odds will be updated before each betting round, which helps the user to choose wisely.

Another bonus is an opportunity to place unlimited bets on any outcome, which is super useful if the game didn’t turn the way the gambler expected. Moreover, if the winning combination is formed with 5 community cards all the positions win and all punters who placed bets on any hand will get their winnings. Keeping long story short, it’s almost impossible not to win while playing “Bet on Poker”.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is also a lottery adaptation but now it’s “7 out of 42”.

The gameplay stays the same: the balls will be put in an empty game machine and mixed there. 7 of them will form a winning combination. The ball to the left is the first, the one to the right — the last.

But there sure are some differences. Firstly, the “Lucky 7” uses only yellow and black balls, which makes all the bets on a color more profitable. Secondly, the game has less betting options (it’s 72) again because of the smaller amount of colors, which helps to place a bet faster.

However, the “Lucky 7” has more than enough betting options to choose the most profitable one: bets on odd/even numbers, the sum of the winning numbers, the number (and showing or not showing) of yellow and black balls in the winning combination etc.

Plus the pause between the draws is about 4 minutes (usually 4:20), which means the gambler has an opportunity to plan the next bet.

Dice Duel

Dice Duels is a simple live dice rolling game where players can bet on a variety of outcomes. The gameplay is as simple as possible. First of all, the game includes two dice – one blue dice and one red dice. The presenter takes the dice with sides numbered 1 to 6 pips. After that, she puts them in a box, shuffles the dice, and rolls them on the game table. There is only one dice roll except in cases when the roll needs to be repeated. A roll is accepted only if both dice stand on one of their sides and clearly make a two-dice combination. There is only this one betting round that lasts 40 seconds before the roll takes place, and players have 36 dice number combinations to choose from, and a variety of other bets, such as Totals, Odd/Even, and others.

War of Bets

The easiest table game you can ever imagine! There are a dealer and a player. Everyone gets a card. The one who gets a higher card wins. Ace is the highest card and 2 is the lowest. If the dealer and the player get the same value cards the bets on a tie (a war) win.

The “War of Bets” may seem a bit boring but it really isn’t! BetgamesTV has put a lot of effort to make the game exciting and engaging. First and foremost, the gambler can choose from 32 betting options, which include the bets on colors, suits, and the outcome (player’s win, dealer’s win or a war). The second advantage is not one, but two betting rounds. The first one starts before the first card is dealt and the second one is after the player gets his card. The first round bets have no influence on the second round bets, so the chances for the win are even higher! The third bonus is a non-stop 24/7 broadcasting. The gambler can return to the favorite game whenever (s)he wants. Also note that, when less than 40 cards remain in the shoe, the dealer will change the shoe after the draw.

Wheel of Fortune

“Wheel of Fortune” is a famous Roulette’s younger brother. BetgamesTV managed to make this game even more interesting and profitable.

The rules are extremely simple: the presenter makes the first spin counter-clockwise and then lightly spins it clockwise so that the wheel could make 3 full spins. The spins are counted by the spins counter and green light is lit when the wheel makes three (3) full spins. If the wheel does not make the full 3 spins, the draw is cancelled. After that, the presenter doesn’t touch the wheel and only announces the winning number once the wheel stops.

Each draw lasts about 1 minute (with about 2,5 min betting round). The results and the gambler’s statistics are available on the separate results page in the user’s profile.

It could be hard to win while playing “Wheel of Fortune” if the game wasn’t equipped with 20 betting options. The gambler can bet not only on a particular number, but also on even/odd numbers, color, and the number range.

Artyom Ustinov

Artyom is Head of White Label & Turnkey Solutions and has been working in complex B2B/B2C sales, as well as business development and management consulting in iGaming for more than 10 years.

Together with the Key Account Management Team, he has helped over 100 start-ups and experienced gaming companies to launch their projects with SoftGamings.

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