Sergey Shibkih About White Label in Casino Business and Its Benefits

Sep 15, 2023


Sergey Shibkih has been the Deputy Head of White Label and Turnkey Sales at SoftGamings for more than 6 years. A professional in the field of development and promotion of gaming platforms, he helps to create and launch successful online casinos. With over 10 years of experience in the iGambling industry, Sergey has a unique commercial vision and in-depth knowledge of global trends and innovations in this field. He easily finds a common language with people from different cultures and countries, and his passion for finding new opportunities to improve products and services reflects favorably on SoftGamings’ credibility.

While white labeling offers many benefits to iGaming operators, can you identify any challenges that may come with the solution? Or is white label all about success and convenience?

Be assured that SoftGamings offers a solid foundation for a successful White Label project. We provide a fast launch of the company, access to more than 200 game providers, a variety of payment methods, and the ability to create a unique online casino design. Our platform provides 24/7 technical support. The right market choice and effective marketing strategy allow to minimize possible problems. White Label gives operators the opportunity to test their capabilities and potential in player relations and marketing. In addition, we provide comprehensive support to White Label customers, including assistance in obtaining a license.

The gaming experience is undoubtedly one of the primary aspects of the online casino business, but beginning operators may struggle to choose the perfect games for the website. What do you think are the most trending products these days? What has been most effective in attracting players lately?

We strive to help customers choose the most in-demand games by thoroughly analyzing the market and providing our expert opinion. But it’s important to note that the top games almost always vary by GEO. In some countries, games like Crash Games dominate the market, while in other regions, baccarat and roulette remain consistent leaders in the online casino industry.

Trends in gaming preferences can be fleeting: some players gravitate towards classic slots such as Book of Ra, while others find enjoyment in modern slots with unique characters and exciting storylines. Providing a variety of choices is one of the key factors in attracting players. Therefore, SoftGamings strives to provide players with the opportunity to discover both popular games, and new releases from leading providers.

SoftGamings has a large client base, including both large and small brands. How do you manage all client requests to provide a 100% satisfying outcome? Are there any challenges you may face while working with modern operators?

SoftGamings is a team of more than 500 exceptionally capable professionals who are sincerely committed to providing our esteemed clients with the highest quality services. We offer a complete set of cutting-edge features on our platform, conforming to the latest standards of the iGaming industry. Our clients can count on 24/7 qualified technical support to ensure prompt resolution of any issues and requirements. In addition, each client is assigned a personal manager to provide rapid help with all needs.

Since SoftGamings is licensed by several regulators worldwide, providing access to different markets. What do you think is the most promising market these days? Does location even play a significant role in building a gambling business?

Some of them favor Romania, while others already have experience in Belgium. Our platform has received B2B licenses in various countries, including Greece, Romania, Malta, and Belgium. Secondly, the client must rely on their understanding of a gambling “geography”, as well as their experience and a properly crafted marketing plan when selecting a market. SoftGamings takes responsibility for providing a high-quality platform and a wide range of gaming providers so that our clients can achieve the success they desire.

SoftGamings is definitely one of the most experienced developers, with more than 15 years in the industry. How would you describe the transformation of the iGaming market over all these years? What has changed the most? And what will probably never change?

Today, we see that gamification is getting more and more attention from players every year. Traditional deposit bonuses no longer generate the same excitement. Now players appreciate the inclusion of non-standard bonuses, loyalty systems, local jackpots, loot boxes, and various tournaments. SoftGamings platform provides operators with all the necessary tools to implement such functionality. Nevertheless, the players’ preference for quality and reliable gaming projects remains unchanged.


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