Diamond Strike 100,000

Game Features

  • No wilds
  • No Scatter Symbols
  • No Free Spins
  • No Respins
  • No Multipliers

Game Description

Find out if you are lucky with this amazing game by Pragmatic Play - Diamond Strike 100,000. Scratch your way to big wins and set your fate through this amazing game. The cards are to be scratched virtually allowing you the autonomy to win while on the go. Diamond Strike 100,000 is a card scratching game, where players get a card with various amounts to play with. there are no paylines, wilds and scatter symbols with this slot. So get ready to discover the wonderful prizes which are hidden within this game.
Diamond Strike 100,000
Diamond Strike 100,000


  • 76.55 - 85.06 %
    Return to player
  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 45 €
    Max bet
  • 100000 €
    Maximum win

Theme & Graphics

Diamond Strike 100,000 is an exciting game that will have you visiting a mine for the treasures. Here you will interact with different characters which make the game exhilarating. Diamond Strike does not have an intricate background. The scratch card is designed as a slot machine but with extra features at the top of the gamepad. There is also a soundtrack that will keep you entertained as you continue to play the game. The graphics, on the other hand, have been rendered superbly allowing players to load and play the game with ease. You do not need to download any software to enjoy this game as it can be played directly from your web browser. If you are searching for a high variance scratch card, then Diamond Strike 100,000 is the game to choose. It will award a regular payout between gameplays but you need to be patient for the big wins. Diamond Strike 100,000 is recommended for all players whether they are novices or veterans.


While the most popular online casino games are slot machines, there are also scratch cards that allow players to win huge rewards. Diamond Strike 100,000 is one such game where players get to purchase a scratch card and scratch it with a virtual coin. whenever you load this game, you are given a scratch card which you have to scratch to begin playing the slot. You will be required to choose the number of tickets you prefer playing and then clicking the purchase button to begin playing the game. After purchasing the scratch card you prefer you will use the coin cursor to scratch off the surface of the card. If you are lucky and land a winning combination as indicated on cards instructions, you win the prize indicated instantly. All wins which are achieved when playing this game are indicated on the win bar which is located at the right of the game display.


In Diamond Strike 100,000, you will not find any paylines. However, you will have to select the number of tickets with which you can play the game offers you multiple chances to make winning combinations. The card which you select will determine the gameplay and the prizes to receive.

As the scratch card has different prizes, you must be very careful when selecting the card. The 100,000 symbols seem to be the high paying icon in the scratch cards.


This speciality game offers players a chance to play a different kind of game. Various bonus features are included in this game depending on the ticket purchased. You can choose the type of card which best suits your gaming on the choose cards bar. The fortune cookie card will award you an instant prize whenever you reveal the 100,000 symbols. Reveal 3 identical numbers in the same row and this translates to a win. This prize is shown in the prize marker at the paytable. When you load Diamond Strike 100,000, you will find an exciting game where you will need to match different symbols with special symbols at the top of the gamepad. There are special values that are hidden and contain hidden symbols and the scratching area where you will find 9 hidden symbols. You will be required to match any of the special symbols with the symbols on the scratchpad. Finding an identical symbol with the special symbols will result in the payout being multiplied by the number of symbols matched. You can only receive up to 1 win per scratch card whenever you play Diamond Strike 100,000. It also has a return to player percentage of up to 76.55% which means that you will get plenty of chances to land a win.

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