London Roulette

Game Features

  • Chat Available
  • Supported Devices: Mobile/Tablet, Desktop
  • Neighbor Bet
  • Special Bet
  • Game History Preview

Game Description

Play London Roulette by Evolution Gaming for the big wins. This game replicates the environment of a land-based casino, it will offer an exciting gameplay and deliver style, luxury and glamour to players as they place their bets while waiting for the ball to stop spinning. This variant is played according to European rules thus easy to learn and understand. So cross your fingers and predict the numbers to win as you place your bets on the big wins.
London Roulette
London Roulette


  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 1000 €
    Max bet


London Roulette is one of the many variants of Roulette which is exciting to play. To play London Roulette you have to wait for the 'place your bets' sign to highlight. You will then be presented with different chip sizes which range from 1 Eur to 1000 Eur. After selecting the chip size, you will then proceed to the roulette layout and click the number you are predicting to win in the spin. You have a few seconds to place your wager before the 'bets close' sign highlights. Once the bets close, the croupier will spin the ball in the wheel and wait for the ball to stop spinning. Once the ball stops on a particular position the table will indicate the number the ball stopped plus the croupier will inform you the results. All wins are paid out immediately. Because you are playing a live game, you get to interact with the croupier as if you are in a brick and mortar casino. You can chat with the dealers and other players.


Inside Bets:

  • Straight up - 35:1
  • Split - 17:1
  • Street - 11:1
  • Corner - 8:1
  • Line - 5:1

Outside Bets:

  • Column - 2:1
  • Dozen - 2:1
  • Red/Black - 1:1
  • Even/Odd - 1:1
  • 1-18/19-36 - 1:1


London Roulette is an exciting game to play and has sent a shockwave throughout the gaming industry. Whenever you load London Roulette, you will get an interactive dealer who will guide you through the gameplay. Whenever the game starts, the croupier will inform you of whenever you are required to place a bet or when the betting period closes. The dealer and the roulette wheel are located at an exclusive location in Evolution Gaming Studios. The table is interactive and will be shown in such a way as if it is connected to the roulette wheel. The section in which the wheel and the croupier are located looks like a hotel restaurant. The camera has multiple views allowing you to view the action from different perspectives depending on your preferences.

Video description

London Roulette is a wonderful and fun game to play. you will interact with the croupier as he guides you with the gameplay. The video quality is of the highest quality as it streams live from their studios. Because of the high demand and the multiple numbers of players can sometimes affect the quality of the video feed if your internet connection is unstable. You can avoid this by adjusting the video setting changing it from high to low. There are multiple camera angles which will allow you to follow the game without any difficulty. You can change the camera angle by clicking the video icon located at the top of the display. This will give you multiple perspectives on the game and also allow you to view different camera shots on the wheel. Unfortunately, there are no close-up features in this game thus you will have to contend with changing the camera angles and feed to have different views on the game.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

London Roulette can be played on different devices thus allowing for flexibility and reliability. These devices include mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets running on either iOS, Android or Windows. The desktop version of the game is the best as you have a wider screen to view the game. You also get to easily manipulate the game as it proceeds using the number keys and spacebar. You can click the help section to see which number key does what and what the spacebar does. The mobile version of London Roulette is also fun and interesting. The screen is a bit smaller and exactly what you will find in the desktop display is what you will find in the mobile display. The only difference is that you will not have the option of using the number keys and spacebar. You will use the touch feature to set your bet and choose the number which you predict will win the game.

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