Sugar Pop

Game Description

Immerse yourself in a world where sugar and sweets is the order of the day. This is the latest slot by Betsoft.

This slot enables you to indulge your sweet tooth where falling candies when matched will set you big time. It features different symbols with different candy symbols. Sugar pop is a 5 reel, 5 row 3D video slot with 243 ways to win.

So get ready to dive into a world where there are different ways to win by popping candy while rising through the game levels.
Sugar Pop

Game Features

  • Bonus game round
  • 2X multiplier
  • Colour bomb symbol
  • Wonderful 5000 coin jackpot
  • Leveled gameplay


  • 97.6 % Return to player
  • 250 € Max bet
  • 4755 € Maximum win

Theme & Graphics

Sugar pop is a beautifully crafted slot making it the most gorgeous slot to be developed by Betsoft. The developers have incorporated the colours blue and pink into the interface making it naturally looking girlish. The music is also playful making it enjoyable to play. Playing this slot will enable you see different coloured candies and sweets. The game play is also very wonderful as you wait with baited breath when candies fall from the top of the slot and you hold your breath as you see different colours matching. The best part is when you are lucky and you match four or five colour combinations making and explosion so massive eliminating the same coloured icons as the matching combinations. If you are looking for an exciting game which has a playful theme and multicoloured icons then Sugar pop is the slot to play helping you pop sweets and candies to a large jackpot.


Betsoft always delivers superb and outstanding games and fans will not be disappointed with this epic game adding flavour to your gaming life. From beneath the sugary game where you have to pop candy falling from above the game display you can see candies pop with different candy replacing the popped candy. The idea of the game is to explode three or more candies in a sequence. This slot is based in a level system so the more exploding candies you have the more you win and rise through the levels. When 4 icons with the same colour are matched in a combo you will get a super colour symbol. When the super colour combines with matching colours before the next spin then you are awarded a 2X multiplier. Whenever five of more icons are combined they make a colour bomb symbol. If the colour bomb is combined with the same colours before the next spin then every matching colour explodes.


In sugar pop there are 243 ways to win giving you maximum chances to win with every spin. However, you will have to match at least 3 icons on an active payline to receive a payout. The best icon combination is, matching four or five identical coloured icons will give you a Multiplier with each super colour explosion.
Sugar Pop


Sugar pop has an elaborate bonus game which allows players to win big with each matching coloured symbol. To activate the bonus game you will have to match and explode candies in a similar position as indicated in the bonus pattern which is indicated at the left of your slot display. clearing the pattern will add 600 additional points which are added to your game level score. During game play you will have the chance to increase your level by earning 30 points. Each level brings about great features with the bet range varying from 2 cents to $250. Sugar pop also features a wonderful jackpot of 5000 coins which can be earned by playing the different levels in the slot. You will experience a different ecstatic rush where popping each sugar icon allows you to enjoy a different aspect of the game earning your points through the different levels in the slot.

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