War of Bets

Quick facts

  • 10+ live dealer games available
  • Dice duel live mode
  • Winner of the SBC 2019 Rising Star in Casino Innovation Award
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Game Features

  • Chat not Available
  • Supported Devices: Mobile/Tablet, Desktop
  • Side bets
  • Game History Preview
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Friendly user interface

Game Description

Go on a voyage for the high returns by playing War of Bets by BetGames. This amazing game delivers the finest gaming experience as you sail towards big wins by placing a bet on either the dealer or the player. If you have the courage to go to war for higher odd payouts. War of Bets is an awesome game where odds are dynamic and wins are massive. So get ready to amass the profits and place a wager for the treasures hidden within this game.
War of Bets
War of Bets


  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 100 €
    Max bet


War if Bets is an interesting game which involves two sides the players and the dealer. It is played with the standard playing card deck with the higher card win. If the dealer and players cards are of equal value then there is a war. Before the game starts, you have to place a wager. You can do this by selecting the amount you wish to bet with and the betting outcome. You can also place other bets when the game is still running when the odds are updated. Players can place up to two betting rounds before the game ends. There is a first-round bet which is placed before the game starts, then there is the second round bet which is placed when the first card is dealt. Because this is a lottery based game, the betting company running this game can determine the time schedule when the game airs. The betting company also has the capability to set the betting limits in this game.


  • Dealer wins - 2.06
  • Player wins - 2.06
  • War - 12.00


BetGames has always ensured that players have the best gaming experience. Whenever you load War of Bets, you will find an attractive dealer who will guide you through the gameplay. she is located in an exclusive location in BetGames studios. You will find the dealer seated right in front of the game table where the game action happens. The studio itself is designed as if it is the captain's quarters as the table is a map and in the background, you will find silhouettes of a ship and an island. The environment delivered by this game makes players have a wonderful time as they try their luck.

Video description

As it is the case with all major live gaming providers, you can expect the best gaming experience. This is why you will find that the video streamed is of the highest quality. The camera angle will focus on the dealer and the game dealer allowing you to follow the game as it proceeds. The table will also show the dealer and player positions and the odds for each selection. Unfortunately, because this is a card game, there are no slow-motion replays. However, if you still like to view the recent game results, you can click the results tab on the command bar at the top of the game.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

Betgames has ensured that players are able to have fun whenever they play their games. The best aspect of playing BetGames live games is that they offer the freedom and flexibility because they are mobile compatible. War of Bets can be played on different devices which include mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. The desktop interface is amazing as it offers a wider display and also provides the option of using the mouse when selecting your bet. Unlike the mobile display where you will use the touch feature, the desktop interface allows easy manoeuvrability and minimal mistakes when placing bets. The mobile interface, on the other hand, offers flexibility and you can play this game whenever you want to. The mobile device will offer the same gaming experience as the desktop interface but at least you have the freedom of moving around.

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