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Game Features

  • Chat Not Available
  • Supported Devices: Mobile/Tablet, Desktop
  • Special Bet
  • Game History Preview
  • Friendly user interface

Game Description

The stakes are high in Lucky 5 a lottery based game from BetGames. This game gives you an amazing gaming experience as you play for the huge profits in the game. It is hosted by a stylish host who will guide you through the gameplay in addition to the friendly user interface. The wide selection of betting outcomes will give you multiple opportunities to land a win whenever you play Lucky 5. So place your bet and wait for the dice to stop rolling.
Lucky 5
Lucky 5


  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 100 €
    Max bet


Lucky 5 is one dynamic game which is based on a lottery. Players participating in this game, are offered a wide range of betting outcomes and winning stakes can return a huge profit which is a thousand times the stake. To play the game, you have to first set your bet. you will use the bet section at the bottom of the game display to set your wager. It is important to understand that you have only one betting round in this game. You can also place a bet on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw. A betting round will take place between games and will last about four minutes. The game draws will also run every 5 minutes every day. The game process plays as follows; you have to select 5 winning balls out of the possible 36 balls. The balls are drawn into the cylinders of the game machine. The cylinder to the left is the first cylinder and the results are read from left to right of the game machine. To follow the game and view the past outcomes, you can also click the game history tab and create a strategy before placing a bet.


  • Selected ball will be dropped with no. 1...36 - 6.70
  • Selected ball will not be dropped with no. 1...36 - 1.08
  • Two selected ball will be dropped with no. 1...36 - 40.00
  • Three selected ball will be dropped with no. 1...36 - 400
  • More ODD numbered balls will be dropped - 1.85
  • More Even numbered balls will be dropped - 1.85
  • SUM of the numbers on the dropped balls will be ODD - 1.85
  • SUM of the numbers on the dropped balls will be EVEN - 1.85
  • SUM of the numbers on the dropped balls will be LESS than 92.5 - 1.85
  • SUM of the numbers on the dropped balls will be MORE than 92.5 - 1.85


BetGames has ensured that players have the best playing platform whenever they access their games. Lucky 5 is one game which is exciting and fun to play. Whenever you load this game, you will find an attractive dealer who will guide you through the game. You will also see the game machine which is used to mix up and pick the winning numbered balls. The whole setup is located at an exclusive location in BetGames studios. In the background, you will see a golf course and an image of a city. The backdrop, the host and the game machine are placed in a manner which will make you feel right at home whenever you play this game. The environment is serene and allows you to hear everything the presenter says. Apart from the studio, there is an interface which you can use to place a bet. The interface will inform you whenever the betting process is ongoing. All these features make this game exhilarating to play.

Video description

Like most BetGames live games, Lucky 5 is fun to play. this is because the features which allow players to follow the gameplay are amazing. The first aspect you will find is that there are multiple camera angles. The first camera angle will focus on the presenter, game machine and the backdrop while the second camera will focus on the winning numbered balls. Unlike most live games where the camera will shift from the presenter to the winning numbers, this game features a small window where you can see the balls as they are picked. Unfortunately, there is no slow motion replay but you can view the game history by clicking on the results. This will allow you to make some kind of strategy while placing a bet. Another wonderful aspect is that you can access other BetGames live games straight from the command bar at the top of the game.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

BetGames has always been in the forefront when making fun games. This game is a lottery game which can be played on multiple devices which include mobile, tablet and desktop computers. The desktop interface will offer a bigger display compared to the mobile devices. In the desktop computer interface, you have the option of using the mouse to place your bets and also scroll down to the instructions with ease. The mobile interface will also offer the same gaming experience as the desktop computer interface. You will still find the same game and features. In the mobile interface, you will use the touch feature to scroll through to the game instructions and also place bets. Other features in the game include instructions to play the game, the dealers who will guide you through the game, bet history and the game results.

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