Bet on Poker

Quick facts

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  • Dice duel live mode
  • Winner of the SBC 2019 Rising Star in Casino Innovation Award
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Game Features

  • Chat not Available
  • Supported Devices: Mobile/Tablet, Desktop
  • no side bets
  • Game History Preview
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Friendly user interface

Game Description

Take a chance and play a unique game by BetGames - Bet On Poker. Featuring the same rules as popular Texas Hold'em Poker, you have a chance to punter against the house while at the comfort of your home. The different elements incorporated into this game makes it easier to play and have fun. There are amazing payouts depending on your gameplay. So, set your bets and wait for the results to be displayed. Are you ready to conquer BetGames, then place your stake while angling for the big wins.
Bet on Poker
Bet on Poker


  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 100 €
    Max bet


Bet On Poker is a game which has similar rules and gameplay to Texas Hold'em poker. the game starts when you place your bet in a specific time period which will be indicated by the dealer and the interface. When the betting period ends, the dealer will deal twelve cards face up to six positions clockwise one at a time. Each position will receive two cards before the dealer deals five community cards face up. The main aim of the game is to form the best five-card combination using the player cards and the community cards. The highest five-card combination will win the game. A draw is possible if the there are more than one positions which have the same highest ranking. You can place bets on more than one available outcomes. the first bet can be placed in the first round while the second wager can be set when the pocket cards are dealt. When there is a flop in the first and second bets, you can place a third bet after three community cards are dealt. There is a fourth-round bet which is placed after the turn is dealt face up and the odds updated. Finally, the fifth community card is dealt and the results determined.


  • High Card - 1:100
  • One Pair - 1:5.80
  • Two Pairs - 1:3.10
  • Three of a Kind - 1:6.80
  • Straight - 1:5.70
  • Flush - 1:8.70
  • Full house - 1:870
  • Four of a kind - 1:80
  • Straight flush - 1:100
  • Royal Flush - 1:100


BetGames has ensured that players have the best gaming experience and this is exactly what you get whenever you load Bet On Poker. The game starts within a set time period after a short break between games, and you have to wait for the timer to finish before you can participate or view the game as it progresses. The game is streamed live from an exclusive location in BetGames studios. The environment is serene and secluded thus you can hear everything the dealer is saying. When the game starts, you will find a dealer seated behind an elegant red table which has markings which represent where the player can set their bets depending on the set of cards which will win this game. The location is decorated with a furniture such as a sofa, a screen showing a game and various pictures which will make you feel right a home. The interface itself will also assist you when playing this game as all the bets, payouts and results are displayed on the screen. All these features have been incorporated to ensure that players have the best time possible as you bet on the card which will form the highest combination.

Video description

When playing Bet On Poker, you will discover that the video streamed is of the highest quality. There is a single camera shot in this game, but this should not worry you as the table is also the user interface. All action taken by the dealer is captured and relayed back to you by using a scanner data which will capture every face-up card on the table. Bet On Poker does not incorporate any settings feature where you can customise the video feed to your device specifications. The system is set to automatically detect your device and relay the best possible video feed. Because this is a card game, there are no slow-motion replays but all results will be indicated and announced by the dealer and the interface. You can also check the bet history and results to check out which combination has formed the highest rank combination.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

BetGames has always been one of the biggest live game provider, and Bet on Poker is a demonstration of their capabilities. The sheer ingenuity incorporated into this game ensures that players have fun while playing this game. You can access this game using multiple devices which include desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. The desktop interface is the best as you have a wider view of the game proceedings. You also have at your disposal the option of using the mouse unlike the mobile interface which is a tad smaller and you have to use the touch feature to manipulate the game. Other elements in this game include instructions on how to play this unique game, bet history and results. You can also switch between the different games when still playing this game using the command bar at the top of the game. All results are also shown at the left side of the display while the odds are displayed on the right of the screen.

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