Auto Roulette 30 Seconds

Game Features

  • Chat Unavailable
  • Supported Devices - Mobile/Desktop
  • Game History
  • Side bets
  • Autoplay Feature

Game Description

Discover an exciting game played within half a minute in Auto Roulette 30 seconds by Authentic Gaming. The game system is set to ensure that players have the most exhilarating game. Streamed live from Authentic Gaming Casinos, you will feel as though you are part of the patrons in the casino. As this game is fast paced, you need to think and strategize quickly before the bets close. So get ready to win the awesome prizes in this game if luck is on your side.
Auto Roulette 30 Seconds
Auto Roulette 30 Seconds


  • 0.20 €
    Min bet
  • 25 €
    Max bet


Auto Roulette 30 seconds is an exciting Authentic Gaming common draw variant of the European roulette. It is played without a dealer as the tables are operated automatically and have been selected for their excellent performance and reliability. This gives players the serenity of an authentic wheel while being entertained. This table is available all day long and with a spin every 30 seconds. The roulette wheel has 37 slots numbered from 0-36. The main aim of this game is to ensure that you predict on which number numbered slot the ball will stop in. Before playing this game, you will be required to place a bet. there are a few seconds to place a bet before the betting period ends. When the betting session begins, you will be provided with different chips, all with varied values and you will be required to select the chip and where on the table you want to place and wait for the bet to begin. You will be offered a minimum and maximum bet which you can place depending on your bankroll. When placing the bets, you can place different types of bets which include inside and outside bets.


  • Straight Up - 35:1
  • Split - 17:1
  • Street - 11:1
  • Corner - 8:1
  • First Five - N/A
  • Six Line - 5:1
  • Column/Section - 2:1
  • High/Low - 1:1
  • Outside - 1:1


Auto Roulette LIVE 30 seconds offers a wonderful gaming experience. Whenever you load this game, you will find a wonderfully designed user interface which is easy to use. The game is streamed live from one of the Authentic Gaming casinos from Batumi, Georgia. For a better view of the game, the casino incorporates multiple camera angles which will enable you to see what is happening while the ball is spinning and the results. The user interface will also guide you through the game plus there is also a croupier voice which will help you through the game. Unfortunately, you cannot chat with the dealer.

Video description

Authentic Gaming has always ensured that players have the best gaming experience and this is demonstrated by Auto Roulette LIVE 30 Seconds. Because of the authentic nature of this slot, the casino uses optical character recognition so as to enable players to follow the game as it proceeds. There are also multiple camera angles which switch from time to time depending on the ball and the wheel. Whenever the wheel is spinning, the camera will stream a close up of the wheel while the other angle will be a complete view of the wheel. This gives players the feeling as though they are in the casino.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

As is the case with this major gaming developer, you can expect only the best gaming experience. Auto Roulette LIVE 30 seconds can be played on multiple devices which include mobile devices and PC. It doesn't matter which operating system you are using as it can be played on both Android and iOS devices. The desktop interface is the best in the game as it allows players to have a clear view of the game as it continues. You also use a mouse to set your bets instead of the touch feature on the mobile device. The desktop interface also includes other several bets which are only available in the desktop interface only. You can play Auto Roulette LIVE 30 seconds in two different orientations which include portrait and landscape.

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