Auto Roulette 60 Seconds

Game Features

  • Chat Unavailable
  • Supported Devices - Mobile/Desktop
  • Game History
  • Side bets
  • Autoplay Feature

Game Description

What will you do with a whole minute? Well, discover Auto Roulette 60 Seconds with Authentic Gaming. This game is designed to ensure that players have enough time to experience the game as it progresses. The amazing features incorporated into this game will have you playing for long periods of time. Place your bets and wait for the ball to land on your chosen number or colour. So get ready for an Exciting time as you wait for the ball to stop on the numbered pockets on the roulette wheel.
Auto Roulette 60 Seconds
Auto Roulette 60 Seconds


  • 0.20 €
    Min bet
  • 25 €
    Max bet


Auto Roulette LIVE 60 Seconds is an exciting game which is a common draw European roulette game without a dealer. The tables and wheels are automatic thus giving player excellent performance and reliability. The game also provides players with the serenity of playing with an authentic roulette wheel while still being entertained. The auto roulette is available all day with a spin every 60 seconds. Players who want a faced paced game can choose this game as there are fast game rounds and quick results. The roulette wheel has 37 slot numbers which range from 0-36. The main objective of this game is to predict which slot the ball will land in after spinning in the roulette wheel. Before playing Auto Roulette 60 Seconds, you will be required to place a bet. The user interface will notify you when the betting period begins and ends plus the minimum and maximum bet amounts which can be placed on the layout. If you are lucky to land a win, the payouts will be paid according to the paytable which can be viewed in the information menu.


  • Straight Up - 35:1
  • Split - 17:1
  • Street - 11:1
  • Corner - 8:1
  • First Five - N/A
  • Six Line - 5:1
  • Column/Section - 2:1
  • High/Low - 1:1
  • Outside - 1:1


Auto Roulette LIVE 60 seconds is streamed live to you from one of Authentic Gaming international casinos. You will find that this game offers an exciting gameplay as you get to bet place a bet on a live game. In this game, you will not see the croupier whenever the wheel and ball are spun. The only aspect of the croupier is the voice which will guide you through the gaming. the camera in this casino focuses on the roulette wheel and the user interface will indicate the number winning the session. This game is designed to ensure that players can play and have their results without delay.

Video description

Authentic Roulette has ensured that players have the best gaming experience and this is demonstrated by their games. You will find that the games are streamed live from their casinos. The video streams are of high quality and allow you to follow the game as it proceeds without any difficulty. There are two camera angles which will give a clear view of the game. One camera angle will focus on the wheel while the other will be a close up of the wheel. This will enable you to see which number the ball stopped at. Other than the close up there are no game replays and slow motion recaps because of the fast gameplay and the times required to place the bets is also limited.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

Authentic Gaming has ensured that players have the option of playing a wonderful game whenever they need to do so. This is because their games are mobile compatible and can be played on multiple devices whether running on iOS or Android operating system. The desktop display is the best interface to play in as you get a wider view of the game. You also have a few other additional benefits which include additional bets such as call bets and neighbour bets, unlike the mobile interface. While using the desktop interface you have the option of using the mouse to place a bet, the mobile interface you will use the touch interface to place a bet. You must be careful when placing the bet because the limited space on which the game is displayed can be a little tricky. You can place an unexpected bet or a higher bet by mistake thus affecting your bankroll.

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