Money Wheel

Game Features

  • Chat Available
  • Supported Devices Mobile/Desktop
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Game History
  • Side Bets

Game Description

Take a chance and walk away with amazing prizes by playing Money Wheel by SA Gaming. Predict which number or symbol the wheel will stop at in this exciting game as you play for the huge rewards. It is loaded with awesome features and payouts which make the game exhilarating and fun to play. Money Wheel is an instant win game hosted in SA Gaming studios and streamed live to players globally. So get ready to reveal the winning numbers or symbols by clicking the play button for big wins.
Money Wheel
Money Wheel


  • 5 €
    Min bet
  • 500 €
    Max bet


SA Gaming has always ensured that players have the best gaming experience and this is demonstrated by their lie game. The game starts with two beautiful hosts welcome you to the game and provides time for you to place your bet. You will find coin chips at the bottom of the display and you can proceed to choose between the coins and directly clicking on your prefered symbol or number. The wheel is divided into 52 sections with each depicting a symbol or number. The objective of the game is to select one or more sections to place your bets on. You will notice that each section of the wheel will offer different odds due to the number of times each number or symbol appears on the wheel. After placing your bet and the betting time elapses, the dealer will call 'no more bet' and spin the wheel. If the indicator comes to rest on the chosen symbol, then you win. The best aspect of this game is that you can place a bet on many symbols as possible.


  • Symbols - 9:2
  • 1 - 1:1
  • 2 - 2:1
  • 9 - 9:1
  • 16 - 16:1
  • 24 - 24:1
  • SA - 50:1


SA Gaming has ensured that players get the best gaming experience and this is demonstrated by their games. When you load Money Wheel you will be welcomed with two attractive dealers who will guide you through the game. The hosts and the table are located in an exclusive location in SA Gaming studios where the feed is streamed live to players across the globe. You will find a wheel with the symbols imprinted on it superimposed against a green wall. Other than the necessities of the game, no other dealers are guiding other games in the background. Overall the environment rendered to players is serene and peaceful for gaming.

Video description

SA Gaming being a fairly new outfit has outdone itself in this amazing game. The video is streamed in high-quality feed allowing players to view the game as it progresses. You have the option of choosing which type of feed you need depending on your device by selecting either the Sd or HD feed. Because this is a wheel of fortune, you will find a slow-motion replay which will notify you of the winning number. But this does not mean that it is not exciting. on the contrary, you will have fun chatting with the dealer. Other than that, other elements missing in this game include close-ups and multiple camera angles.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available

Mobile/desktop interface

SA Gaming has ensured that players get to enjoy their games while on the go by making their games mobile compatible. You can play this game using different interfaces which includes desktop and mobile with both having impeccable controls which will allow you to have fun. You will find that the navigation elements in both the mobile and desktop interfaces have been set in a convenient manner which will allow you to place your bets without any difficulty. You will get the coin chips and information tabs placed where you can find them easily. Money Wheel can be played in two different orientations allowing for a fun gaming experience. The only main difference the two interfaces is that one will give you flexibility and freedom while the other you will need to be at home seated as you place bets and wait for the final result.

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